May 2024

06/26 at 6:00 p.m. - Queer Table Talk - Pride is Still a Protest

08/02 at 4:00 p.m. - Humanitarian Awards 2024

Accountability in Action

As we continue our journey toward creating a more just and equitable society, it is critical that we reflect on the principles that guide our actions and sustain our efforts. Among these principles, accountability stands out as a cornerstone of our work.

Accountability is more than a buzzword; it is the foundation upon which trust, transparency, and integrity are built. It requires us to hold ourselves and each other responsible for our actions and commitments, ensuring we stay aligned with our values and goals.

Recent events highlight the importance of accountability in all sectors of society. For example, corporate scandals involving unethical practices have underscored the need for greater transparency and responsibility in business. Similarly, ongoing investigations into governmental actions have demonstrated how crucial accountability is in maintaining public trust and upholding democratic principles.

Stories of individuals and organizations exemplifying accountability in action serve as powerful reminders of the impact that can be achieved when we hold ourselves accountable and support one another in doing the same. Practical tools and strategies for embedding accountability into our daily work empower each of us to contribute to a culture of responsibility and trust.

Our commitment to accountability is evident in many ways—through rigorous self-assessment, open communication, and a willingness to learn from our mistakes. By embracing these practices, we not only strengthen our organization but also inspire others to uphold similar standards. In a world where injustice often prevails, maintaining accountability can be challenging, yet it is essential for fostering the resilience and credibility needed to drive meaningful change.

Cammy Watkins

Executive Director

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LeadDIVERSITY is a leadership development program that builds a network of leaders, called Advocates, committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Midwest. Over 9 months, Advocates engage in 10 full-day sessions to learn leadership skills like self-reflection, systems thinking, and conflict management. Collaborating with Omaha Public Power District, the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and Tri-Faith Initiative, the program supports individuals from various industries, including government, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and non-profits.


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Queer Table Talk: Pride is Still a Protest

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center

6400 University Drive South

Omaha, NE 68182


There is a virtual and in-person option to attend, as well as a satellite location in Lincoln. If attending in-person, food will be provided.

Our 2023/24 Omaha Table Talk Season is coming to a close! As we begin planning the schedule for next season, we'd love your input.


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Embracing Generational Diversity

by Jennifer Dang

“Slaaaaayyyy!” the Gen Z blurts out at any given moment while the Millennial, Gen X, and Boomer sits there puzzled, wondering what all the new terms the kids are saying these days. As an elder Gen Z who is newly joining the workplace, I often find myself being the youngest on the team. This comes with the unspoken responsibility of keeping my coworkers young while somehow making them “feel old” at the same time. All the while, my fellow Gen Z-ers feel as if we are not being respected because of our lack of “real world” experiences compared to everyone else. So, I wonder... how can we truly appreciate and embrace the generational differences both in our professional and personal life to better understand each other? Well, it starts with recognizing and valuing the strengths and contributions of the generations.


Baby boomers (1946-1964)

As wonderful mentors and guides, the younger generations have so much to learn from you. The insight you offer leads us in the right direction. You truly walked so we could run. 


Gen X (1965-1980)

Independence, family-oriented, and work-life balance screams Gen X. You are firm in your values and have integrity that is admirable. Please share any tips with us to have better work-life balance!


Millennial (1981-1996)

How are y’all doing out there? You excel in getting tasks completed and being efficient. Challenging the status quo is in your wheelhouse, and I love that about you. And as a reminder, taking care of yourself is a priority, not a privilege.  


Gen Z (1997-2012)

Oh, my fellow Gen Z friends. You DO have experience and knowledge that is valuable. Your open-mindedness and innovative brain gives me hope for the future, and your adaptability is unmatched. I know that you can be the change this world needs.


And with that, I leave you with some Gen Z language to add to your vocabulary:


Slay = you did an amazing job

“Omg, you slayed that project!”


Tea = gossip

“What’s the tea?”


Rizz = charisma 

“She really knows how to win everyone over, she has rizz.”


No cap = no lie

“I met Taylor Swift, no cap.”

*Can also be used as a verb “capping” = lying


The math is not mathing = something is not adding up or doesn’t make sense 

“They said they stayed home but were seen at the party… the math isn’t mathing.”


Mid = average

“That brunch spot was mid.”


Ate = to pull something off well or have a lot of success with something 

“That outfit ate.”

“You ATE and left no crumbs!!”


Period = emphasizing something that was said

“I love when women support women.”


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