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May 2024

Dear Colleagues, Parents and Friends around the World!

It is during the first years of a human being's life that he or she learns the most. This is indisputable, the amount of learning that a young child is capable of acquiring is enormous. But how do children learn? Do they learn through explanations and contents? Or do they have other innate capacities to learn? What do they require from us for learning to take place? And what do they need to learn? What will life require of them in the future?

Rudolf Steiner spoke of education as a 'social question'. What did he mean? Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the renowned French writer, said in his biography: "If we want a world of peace and justice, we must resolutely place intelligence at the service of love."

In this new issue of the newsletter, we invite you to reflect on this important topic, and we hope that it will inspire you with new ideas for understanding and approaching the world of the young child. And please make sure to read all about IASWECE's projects and international activities!


Warmest greetings,

Lourdes Tormes, on behalf of the IASWECE Council

How do small children learn?

Food for Thought: a Parent in the School

Ann Sharfman

The Challenges of Using Technology for Human Development

Luiza Helena Tannuri Lameirão

Speech and the Human Encounters

Lakshmi Prasanna

Literacy Learning in the Waldorf Early Childhood Classroom

Astrid Lackner

Fine Motor Skills and Subtle Thinking

Sebastian Suggate

Waldorf Worldwide

Project for the Orphanage of Dieu Giac in Vietnam

Thanh Cherry and colleagues

IASWECE Council meets in Ljubljana

Ursula Dotzler

Remembering Elisabeth Moore-Haas

Claudia Simčič, Marguerite Haas and Jacqueline Walter-Baumgartner


Life forces

International Conference

Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood

29 May - 1 June 2024

Goetheanum, Dornach

The Creative Powers as a Source of Self-Education in Relation to Movement, Language, Music

Deustch, Italiano, Français

Saturday, 14 September 202

Rudolf Steiner School Basel, Switzerland

IASWECE Publications

Covid-19 Pandemic

Responses and Consequences

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Early Childhood Settings

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For the Children of the World

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Stepping into the Future

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