IAOMS Foundation 2020 Annual Report
A video message from IAOMS Foundation Chair, Dr. Larry Nissen
The IAOMS Foundation Board of Trustees would like to extend our gratitude to all 2020 donors and supporters and our corporate, foundation and regional partners. Your continued support throughout this challenging year has been deeply appreciated. Though restrictions due to the global pandemic have diminished our ability to fully deliver in-person programs in 2020, we remain hopeful that conditions will allow us to resume our Fellowship and Scholarship programs in the near future. Until then, we would like to share some highlights of 2020 with you. 

As we look ahead, we invite you to join us in celebrating the IAOMS Foundation’s 25th anniversary in 2021. On behalf of the Foundation Board of Trustees, thank you for your on-going support. We look forward to seeing you in person at the first opportunity.
Dr. Larry Nissen
IAOMS Foundation Chair
Mitchell Dvorak
Executive Director
We would like to acknowledge the continued growth and expansion of IAOMS Foundation programs that allow us to achieve the Foundation's mission of improving the quality and safety of healthcare worldwide by advancing patient care, education and research, and meeting the growing needs of the global OMS community.
IAOMS Foundation Fellowship Program
Demand for in-person training has increased substantially since the inception of the Fellowship program in 2010.  The Foundation receives over 70 applications for its Cleft Lip and Palate and Craniofacial Surgery and Oncology and Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery fellowships each year. Thanks to the generous support from our sponsors, KLS Martin, the Osteo Science Foundation and the OMS Foundation, the Foundation has funded 30 fellowships over the past ten years.  Despite the obstacles related to the global pandemic this year, interest in the fellowships remains strong.

We are pleased to share with you the experiences of Dr. Wayne Manana (Zimbabwe) 2019-2020 Oncology and Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship recipient at Peking University School & Hospital of Stomatology in Beijing, China. Though Dr. Manana’s fellowship was interrupted by the global pandemic he was able to apply the knowledge and experience he gained to make a difference in his home country of Zimbabwe.  
Dr. Wayne Manana (Zimbabwe) 2019-2020 Oncology and Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship recipient, Peking University School & Hospital of Stomatology in Beijing, China. at the newly established microvascular unit at the University of Zimbabwe.
The Visiting Scholars Program
The Visiting Scholars program provides an opportunity for young surgeons to observe and study with top surgeons and professors for periods of short duration. Scholars select a location for study from among 33 IAOMS affiliated training centers around the world. Thanks to Osteo Science Foundation, the IAOMS Foundation has been able to increase the annual number of scholarship awards from two to seven since the program’s inception in 2019.
Below, Dr. Mihai Radulescu (USA), Visiting Scholar 2019-2020, talks about his observership experience at Hospital para el nino Toluca Estado de Mexico in Toluca, Mexico.
Gift of Knowledge Program
The Gift of Knowledge Program offers customized training to surgeons throughout the world. IAOMS leaders volunteer their time to design, promote and implement comprehensive educational sessions, particularly in high need areas. 

In February 2020, IAOMS Foundation leadership traveled to Manila to present courses on the principles of orthognathic surgery and principles of aesthetic facial surgery at the Philippine College of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (PCOMS) 43rd National Convention on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 
Gift of Knowledge Program host surgeon, Dr. Mario Esquillo, along with IAOMS lecturers Dr. Gabriele Millesi and Dr. G.E. Ghali, participated in the Philippines Gift of Knowledge program and share their thoughts on this experience below.
"The Gift of Knowledge was able to provide us with comprehensive knowledge of its subject matter even in the first series. Not only on the principles, but our prominent resource speakers were able to share cases from simple to complicated and how they were managed. With an intimate number of participants we were able to have enough time to have a good interaction from the audience."

Dr. Mario Esquillo, Gift of Knowledge Host Surgeon

"As a lecturer and surgeon I prefer to have my students in front of me where I can actually respond to the audience. I may change the tone of my lecture, my presentation or the operation based upon the feedback from whoever’s surrounding me."

Dr. G.E. Ghali, IAOMS Education Chair

"I am absolutely convinced that the Gift of Knowledge is one of the best programs we can offer within the IAOMS Foundation. This is at our core, our heart, that we can provide education to the world."

Dr. Gabriele Millesi, IAOMS President
Hussein Abdulnabi
Julio Acero
Mark Adams
Khalid Almutairi
Yasinnurrasyad Azmabasyar
Kathy A. Banks
Carlos Andres Martinez Bedoya
Richard Bryan Bell
Juan Munzenmayer Belloilo
Benito Benitez
Richard G. Burton
Juan Pablo Porte Camelo
Katie Cairns
James Chow
Stephanus Christianto
Ann Collins
Halis Ali Çolpak 
Kroum Dimitrov
Sidnei Ferreira Dinz
Quang Dong 
Ed Dore
Mitchell Dvorak
Brigit Eapen
Tyler Eble
Sean Peter Edwards
Dr. & Mrs. Edward Ellis III
Mario E. Esquillo
Rui Fernandes
Fernando Fernandez
Marin Fernando Orozco Fernandez
Nyimi Bushabu Fidele
Pedro Franco
Arun Garg
Ibrahim Gataa
G.E. Ghali
Rahul Gogoi
Diego Gonzalez
Robert Guryanov
Piet Haers
Byron Henry
Edith Hernandez
Phuc Le Hoai
Su Yin Htun
Thomas Indresano
Jamarudin Jamarudin
Arthur Jee
J. David & Caroline Johnson
Timotius Andi Kadrianto
Eric Kahugu
Nick Kalavrezos
Shinta Kartikasari
Maxmilian Kellner
Wen-Cheng Kuo
Thomas Kofod
Alfred Lau
Jose Laureano Filho 
Christian Leibinger
Antonella Lenarduzzi
Jorge Lolas
Alejandro Martinez
Achmad Mauludin
Timothy Mellor
Gabriele Millesi
Werner Millesi
Andres Mujica
Yenisley Brito Muñoz
Haitham Haider Murad
Sanjiv Nair
Victor Nannini
Larry & Carol Nissen
Alexis Olsson
Joseph Piecuch
Atikah Mawardhani Putri
Faisal Quereshy
Akilesh R
Raj Rawal
Andrew Read-Fuller
Leopoldo Victor Meneses Rivadeneira
Joe Radakovich
Steven M. Roser
Frederik Rozema
Paul Sambrook
Nabil Samman
Busra Saracbasi
George Abraham Saragih
Trina Sengupta
Kimberly Shadle
Tatsuya Shirai
Christo Billy Simanjuntak
Heath M. Stewart Jr.
Indradewi Sutikno
Mike Teague
B.D. Tiner
W. Mark Tucker
Cyrille Voisin
Peter D. Waite
Benjamin Walline
Eugene Woo
Mark Wong
ZMACK Association
Emerald Partner
Diamond Level

The Daniel M. Laskin Legacy Society honors Dr. Daniel M. Laskin, a true pioneer of the specialty. Thank you to these individuals who have made a minimum gift of $5,000 through their estate. If you would like to join these visionary leaders and become a Laskin Legacy Society donor, please contact Kimberly Shadle.
Anonymous (2)
Julio Acero
Donald Booth
John Cawood
John Curtin
Pierre Desy
Eric Dierks
Stephanie Drew
Paul and Di Duke
Mitchell Dvorak
Edward Ellis, III
Douglas Fain
Brett Ferguson
G.E. and Hope Ghali
Gregory Grantham
Piet E. Haers
Gabriella Haers
Joseph Helman
Arthur Jee
James David Johnson
Joseph F. Karpinski, Sr.
Deepak Krishnan
Preethi Krishnan
Daniel Laskin
Luiz Marinho
Elda Martinez
Alejandro Martinez Garza
Suzanne McCormick
Gabrielle Millesi
Michael and Beth Miloro
Christopher Muir
Sanjiv Nair
Kishore Nayak
Ashwini Nayak
Larry Nissen
Carol Nissen
Alexis Olsson
Susan Olsson
Zachary Peacock
Faisal Quereshy & Najia Usman
Raj Rawal
Paul Richman
Nabil Samman
Henning Schliephake
Jay and Kristin Swanson
Douglas Wallace
Mark E. Wong
Marlene Wong
Robert Woodwards
Contributions: $286,106

Management & General: $51,810
Fundraising: $35,599
Programs: $132,842
Total: $220,251
Looking Ahead: IAOMS Foundation 25th Anniversary
In 2021, the IAOMS Foundation will celebrate our 25th Anniversary. In honor of this milestone, the IAOMS Foundation will present a podcast series titled IAOMS Foundation: 25 Years and Beyond. This series will highlight the Foundation’s programs and accomplishments over the past 25 years and examine how the IAOMS Foundation can play a vital role in shaping future surgeon leaders within the oral and maxillofacial surgical specialty. We are excited to reflect on the journey leading up to the 25th anniversary, and the future ahead.  
Support the IAOMS Foundation
We know the role of the Foundation will only grow more critical as we navigate through these challenging times. To ensure we are prepared for the future and positioned to expedite the revitalization of our specialty, please consider making a gift to the IAOMS Foundation by clicking here. All contributions at any level are appreciated and will be recognized.
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