IAGB is gearing up for its annual Republic Day celebrations. This year we will celebrate on the same day as the rest of India - on January 26th, 2019. Like last year, the day will start with friendly competitions covering a range of skills from Chess and carom board games, to Skit, Trivia and many more. For a complete list of games and activities please visit us on our Facebook page. All the games and activities are free for IAGB members but pre-registration is required. This will be followed by our evening activities which this year will be a mix of cultural programs such as dance performances and the finals of Antakshari competition. The theme for cultural program is Kashmir to Kanyakumari. IAGB is requesting for volunteers. Interested individuals can contact us via email or via facebook page.

In this edition you will see:
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  • Spirit of Giving Month @ IAGB - Vashali Gade
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Like always we invite you to submit guest columns on diverse topics for inclusion in the newsletter. Your feedback and suggestions and welcome!! Please contact via Email if you wish to make community event announcements through this newsletter.

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IAGB wishes happy holidays to all! This is the time for celebrations, reunions, travel, family and friends gatherings, parties, lots of food and yes gifts from Santa! As we wind down 2018, it is also a good time to reflect on our life's choices, feel pride in our successes and make alterations where needed and learn and recover from any mistakes. One choice that IAGB strongly recommends is to find your pet cause and volunteer your time and energy. Make an impact! Make a difference!


Come, Enjoy and Be Joyful at IAGB events
As a new comer to IAGB and its board, I want to spread a fresh message to all our Indian American families here in the New England area on our IAGB organization, its people and what Indian Americans get out of this great cultural, social, and charitable giving organization. It is my personal interest to write up this message and show my happiness and joy being part of this organization.
We all are busy at work, kids, business, vacations, you name all but in this fast moving, social, digital, materialistic world, we are missing the meaning of relationship with humans. We want IAGB to become that platform to bring, nurture and sustain the human relationships through our events, and our initiatives. Make friends, lead joyful life. Look for an association where you would be meeting with people and spend time with people in person rather virtually. This is the place, platform to build friendships & relationships besides enjoying the free entertainment programs and useful information for your joyful wellbeing. We spend quite a bit of time on many things in our day-to-day or weekly or monthly activities. Still not satisfied, bored, stressed, feels empty, right?
Then the only answer is Come to IAGB programs - make friends, enjoy the culture, food, ever relaxing time than spending $$$ on vacations far away from home. This is in your backyard providing free entertainment throughout the year. As an organization, Indian American Society, we are bringing the best of what we need in this stressful world - entertainment, enjoyment and joyfulness.
By the way, you can start your joyful journey starting from this Republic Day Mela on January 26, 2019.
SUGANDHA GOPAL - Mrs. Earth India, Mrs. Bharat USA, Attorney Licensed in New York
There has been a lot of traction in the beauty pageant space off late. Therefore, I feel I want to share my experiences with some of you who may be interested but may feel skeptical.

I grew up watching these pageants from a distance but could never relate to them. My thought was that I cannot let anyone judge whether I am beautiful or not. If I am not the chosen one, does it mean I am not good enough?

Since time immemorial women have been objectified and exploited on many levels and beauty pageants can be considered a breeding ground for such behavior. Women’s right activist have been concerned that these pageants are trying to promote an unrealistic image of women which will lead to low self-esteem among women. I do not propound that these views or fears are not well founded. But my point here is that women have fought against exploitation on many levels and at many places. But this fear has never stopped us from achieving our dreams.
My experience, after being a part of 2 pageants and winning the title of Mrs. Earth India and Mrs. Bharat USA, has changed my opinion. I have closely witnessed what goes on behind the scenes. In this new age the definition of beauty has undergone a tremendous change and is no longer confined to mere looks.

The candidates are judged on many levels during multiple rounds including but not limited to public speaking, talent performance, interview round, confident walk, current affairs, writing capabilities, dressing style, ability to handle pressure etc. All these attributes form the foundation of life and can be imbibed through hard work and perseverance. This is no different than any other competition like sports, performing arts etc. I have personally spent less than 10% of my time fussing over my looks. In fact, this experience took me on an inwards journey which made me realize my true potential and face my fears.

Another major aspect of a pageant is the cause that they support. Participants are judged based on the tasks performed which helps various social causes. The judges are not looking for a pretty face, they are looking for someone who can be a role model for others. Only a lady endowed with all these qualities can be a queen.

Like any other competition there will always be one winner. We never question how the losing party’s self-esteem will be crushed in sports, so why should we question it here. In fact, no one loses here. Every contestant comes out a better version of themselves. These contests advocate the need for a well-rounded personality. However, having said that it important for us to choose the right platform. I encourage people to do their research and find if a particular platform resonates with them. It is not possible to fake anything on the ramp, your inner beauty reflects on stage so be yourself, be confident.

Leave the judgement to the judges, enjoy the experience. I can promise you that once you do what you love, your magic will work!

  Sugandha Gopal

Members interested in submitting a guest column in our newsletter can send an email to iagb@iagb.org.
Spirit of Giving Month @IAGB
December the giving month of the year...time we look back at our accomplishments throughout the year and count our blessings....

IAGB arranged two community events to bring together Indian American Community here in New England area and to give back to the land we live

The first community event was held on Dec.1st, 2018 at 'Community Servings' (Jamaica Plain) an organization which serves nutritious meals to individuals and families living with critical and chronic illnesses. Community Serving provides meals to over 2,300 people all over Massachusetts and some parts of Rhode Island. IAGB and its volunteers were part of the kitchen crew, prepping and packing meals. Volunteers thoroughly enjoyed helping out in the kitchen and being part of this noble cause.

Our second community event was on Dec. 8th, 2018 at 'Greater Boston Food Bank' (Boston)- an organization working to end hunger by providing food and resources to families in need. IAGB volunteers helped to sort and arrange food donations which then go to next assembly line to be packaged as per varied requirements of the individuals and families in need.

A big thanks to those who joined in these events. We are glad we could show the strength of our growing community in New England.

If you missed these or would like to join us please look out for upcoming events in 2019.

Up coming community events
March 2019
May 2019

Vaishali Gade

In November 2018 IAGB brought back its popular show - IAGB Antakshari. Several teams participated in the prelims sessions that were held in Lexington and Westborough. A total of 8 teams have qualified for the semi-finals, which will be held on January 12, 2019. IAGB Antakshari semi-finals are an event that no Bollywood enthusiast should miss!!!

A fun dinner gala with lots of opportunities for audience participation. The dinner event will be held at Priya Restaurant, Lowell, MA. Entry fee is $10 (includes dinner) for members and $15 for non-members. Click here to reserve your spot today!! https://iagb.org/antakshari-semifinals/

IAGB is in the process of upgrading its website by adding few additional features for better user experience. If you have experience with website development and are willing to help, please reach out to us at iagb@iagb.org

Like all IAGB events, this year's Republic Day event too will present an opportunity to showcase art, jewelry, and other products and services for all our local vendors and supporters. Early bird pricing for reserving your spot for exhibiting your product/service at the event ends on Dec 31st, 2018. But please don't wait as we are fast running out of space. Additionally, you can submit advertisements in the event brochure.

For pricing and other details please visit our website https://iagb/org/sponsorship. This link will allow you to complete your registration and payment.

Corporate and Annual Sponsorship are available in addition to social media and newsletter packages. Please reach out to iagb@iagb.org for complete details

Calling all artists to participate for an opportunity to display their art work on the front page of the India Republic Day 2019 event brochure. Please submit a high resolution picture of your Art Work and caption it. Submission deadline is January 10th, 2019.

A panel of judges will choose one Artist' work as the cover page of IAGB Republic Day Event Brochure.

The Winning Artist will be honored on the Day of the event and his/her work will be credited in print and electronic media.


In accordance with its by-laws, IAGB recently held a General Body Meeting of its members. All active members were invited to attend. The topics included:
  • Introduction of IAGB EC
  • Overview of accomplishments in Year 1
  • Upcoming activities in Year 2
  • Overview of financials and membership
  • Community feedback and discussion

Meeting minutes were distributed to all IAGB members.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at  iagb@iagb.org .
Editor: Sanjay Kudrimoti 
IAGB Communications