As noted above, IAGB hosted a civic discussion forum on Sunday, August 26th. The purpose of this forum was to encourage a dialogue with our community on their civic engagement obligations. While as a community we have made tremendous forays in social and economic areas, we may not have the equitable representation in civic-political arena. But this isn't a one way street! It's important to include ourselves as much as it is to be included. As an Indian-American community, we need to recognize it is much as our right as it is our obligation to vote as citizens of the United States. The percentage of participation by Indian-Americans in the elections overall leaves more to be desired. As contributing members of a thriving society, we have an opportunity and responsibility to do our part.

Furthermore, this year we have a unique opportunity where two Indian-American candidates are running for a seat in the 3rd Congressional District in MA and in the US Senate. IAGB is happy to provide a forum to understand how civic engagement is critical to the community's success going forward. September 4th, 2018 is the primaries in MA and we encourage all our fellow Indian-American citizens to get out and vote!!