Motion for dismissal granted in high profile case.
Judge wrote: “This case… cannot go forward.
Cellphone investigation proves our client innocent. Learn the details.
Two Police Officers Fire 35 Bullets Into a Car - Was that justified? Digital Evidence Says Yes.
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You and your clients reap the benefits of our purpose -- finding the truth, speaking the truth, and bringing clarity. We take the unclear and make it clear; bring the dark to light, and make sense where there is confusion.

This is why you continue to put your trust in NCAVF; because we earned it. This is why, since our first case in 2001, thousands of people trust us with evidence, and why we have an impeccable reputation in the courtroom.

At NCAVF, truth still matters.
High Profile Cases Recently at NCAVF

• Too often attorneys assume what they hear is the best they can get. Don’t fall into this trap.
NCAVF offers you many audio forensic techniques to clear up sound. Two San Luis Obispo officers approached a car parked along the road and after a short interaction with the driver shot 35 times into a car, killing the man.

NCAVF analyzed and clarified the dashcam audio evidence and created a forensic transcript of the conversations. The original audio contained sections that were largely unintelligible and forensic clarification made it clear, assisting with a judge’s decision to dismiss the matter. Read more here including the text of the judge's very interesting ruling to dismiss the matter

• Cellphone as witness gives client alibi!
Forensic phone analysis here at NCAVF recently proved our client innocent. Client insisted he was not present at the crime. We extracted data including GPS and time data -- photos, videos, texts, phone calls, and apps. We drilled down to analyze specific database entries from the Lyft app, showing the client took a Lyft ride at an exact time and traveled to a specific address. This proved our client could not have been at the location of the crime. Case closed.

• She was facing 15 years in jail, until NCAVF assisted in finding a needle-in-the-haystack that led to mistrial.
Client charged with a shooting at the University of Washington. Syncing 400 videos led to discovering a needle-in-the-haystack audio clip. The judge called a mistrial and the DA dropped charges.

Our client wrote, “NCAVF’s impressive work enabled us to find footage crucial to our theory of the case.”

Read the full details on this fascinating case, and read more of what the attorney had to say about working with us here: Full details on our website
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Educational Presentations
• Learn to improve client interactions using online video through an hour long class developed with my brilliant friend and business associate Bill Gross: Sign up to watch our class.

Upcoming workshops at NCAVF
NCAVF will be teaching online a four hour educational workshop to private investigators through a great organization, CALI. The first half will teach beginning audio forensics, and the second half will discuss best techniques for gathering digital evidence in the field. Please email me if you’d like to sign up.

Bring us to your firm or association
Let’s schedule a class! Help you and colleagues earn continuing education CLE credit by virtually attending our acclaimed forensic audio, video, and smartphone evidence workshop. In the past few months NCAVF taught forensic scientists at the acclaimed DFRWS conference. NCAVF also taught attorneys at CLE by the C, regarding audio, video and cell phone forensics in Family Law and Divorce cases.

Guest in Law Podcasts and Expanded Social Media
Law podcasts provide a great platform for law professionals to engage with each other and share experiences. Lawyers make so many mistakes in a courtroom; sometimes it costs the case. Tune into a recent episode of “The Digital Edge” to hear our advice about avoiding mistakes in the courtroom with audio, video, and cell phone evidence. The podcast is now online and worth your time.

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Massive 5 day workshop!
Smartphone recovery and analysis seminar Nov 2-6, 2020.
Intensive workshop to be hosted at NCAVF, in person!

Cellebrite, a world leader in phone forensics, has agreed to lead this class. Normally limited to law enforcement, but NOT WITH US! You don’t need to be part of law enforcement to attend!

Do you know someone (like a PI) who would benefit from learning to recover and analyze all kinds of files from phones? Read more here and sign up
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Testimonial from mid 2020
Thank you for your honest, diligent, and simply amazing work with my case… Not only did this protect my reputation and freedom but kept safe the custody of my children…
I will be grateful for life.”
— Arianna Lezama
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