Sundog Media | Spring 2019 | Bright Spots
I Traded a Website for my Son’s Delivery
 My oldest son, Caleb, just turned 18. He's graduating this year, just signed with McKendree college in Illinois, and has me wondering where the last 18 years went. I'm also amazed I have been working on websites for longer than that - in fact, I traded out Caleb’s delivery costs in exchange for a website for our midwife! 

I can assure you, however, I was unable to make a trade for the delivery of our triplets! As a challenge - email me with your best guess on the cost of THAT delivery 9 years ago, and I will respond with how close you were. I'll even throw in a $25 Kaladi Brothers gift card for the person with the best guess. 

Back to my son and websites. Well, it all just blends together: life, family, clients I am blessed to serve, and a deep thankfulness for the life I have here in Alaska. I hope to continue to serve Alaskans for years to come. That is, assuming I survive skydiving in Hawaii. In two weeks I'm taking that jump with Caleb, to celebrate his Graduation.


Joe Law
We've Been Busy!
So busy, in fact, that this is our first newsletter of the year.

Alaska Urology

Sundog Media created a website with patient access to a wide variety of patient resources, downloadable forms, and portal access.

STG Pacific
We recreated STG Pacific's old theme design with a few improvements that included updating the photos and content. This project kept the look consistent with their previous site and built it on a brand new and modern WordPress framework and on Sundog’s managed WordPress servers.
Brice Builders
Brice Builders LLC is an Alaska Native Corporation 8(a) Small Business and proud subsidiary of the Calista Corporation. We were asked to use a design we created for two other Brice websites to unify their web presence.
Arbor Capital
ACM, Inc. asked us to update their website. For this project,
Sundog collaborated with independent designer Oscar Avellanada-Cruz, contracted by ACM, for this unique panels design.
Tyonek Shareholders
Tyonek Native Corporation represents and supports the interests of approximately 900 shareholders. Sundog Media created this beautiful and mobile-friendly website to make it easy to find everything they need.
Guardian Security Systems
These great folks commissioned Sundog Media to create an update for their website which we originally created back in 2012. Newly launched with a contemporary design and convenient customer accessibility.
Client Testimonials
“You guys at Sundog have “responsiveness” totally nailed. And that’s the kind of company I always want to work with.”

A Psalm for You

"The high mountains are for the wild goats;
the rocks are a refuge for the rock badgers.
He made the moon to mark the seasons,
the sun knows its time for setting."

Psalm 104:18-19 (ESV)
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