December 2018
Phase I Nears Major Milestone
Above, work continues on the new I-64 west exit lanes and off-ramp on December 13, 2018, before final paving. (Photos Dave Forster/VDOT)
The I-64/I-264 Interchange Improvements Phase I project is nearing a construction milestone as the contractor prepares the new I-64 west exit and off-ramp to receive traffic. The traffic shift, which is expected to occur in early 2019, will require a weekend detour at the I-64 west off-ramp to I-264 east (Exit 284B), and at the I-264 east exit to Newtown Road.

To complete the work necessary to shift traffic, motorists traveling from I-64 west to I-264 east and from I-264 east to Newtown Road will be detoured for an entire weekend:

  • The detour for the I-64 west ramp to I-264 east (Exit 284B) will direct traffic to take the next exit (Exit 284A) and continue to ride the interchange cloverleaf ramps until they exit to I-264 east from I-64 east.

  • The detour for Newtown Road (Exit 15A) will direct traffic to Witchduck Road (Exit 16) and back to Newtown Road via Virginia Beach Boulevard.

After the traffic shift, vehicles will be using the newly constructed I-64 west ramp and a new I-264 east collector-distributor road serving Newtown Road. While this shift will move traffic to new pavement and bridge structure, motorists should not expect a noticeable change in traffic conditions, as portions of the project, including additional lanes that will add capacity when the work is complete, remain under construction.

More detail for these detours will be shared when the work is scheduled. The fixed completion date for the I-64/I-264 Interchange Improvements Phase I project is scheduled for October 2019.
Soundwall, sign structures, parapet walls installed
Above, left: A large portion of the new sound wall along I-64 west was completed this fall.

Above, right: A new sign structure over I-64 was installed in November.

Below: Workers operate a slipforming machine as they install a parapet wall along the new I-64 off-ramp. The process involves a truck supplying concrete (left of image) to the slipformer, which applies the concrete over a steel-reinforced frame. The concrete truck and slipformer work in tandem, leaving a newly formed parapet in their wake as they advance.
Ground improvements, pile-driving continue on Phase II
Above: A crew installs sheet-piling for a large box culvert between Greenwich Road and I-264, east of Top Golf. Stormwater improvements are a significant portion of the 64/264 projects.

Left: Cormorants line up on the floating boom of a turbidity curtain directly west of Top Golf. The curtains keep sediment and debris from entering the waterway during construction. Click the photo for a hi-res version.
Progress Report and Look Ahead

Recently Completed:

  • Bridge decks of B-605 (collector-distributor road) and B-603 (ramp to B-605)
  • Concrete parapet barriers on B-605 (collector-distributor road)
  • Section of concrete deck on B-602 (ramp to I-264 east)
  • Sections of sound wall on I-64 west
  • Box culverts at Newtown Road Exit 15A
  • Overhead sign structure on I-64 west


  • Sound wall panel installation along I-64 west
  • Constructing Exit 15A temporary tie-in to Phase II project
  • Pouring bridge parapet walls
  • Paving I-64 west
  • Maintaining erosion and settlement control measures


  • Traffic shift to new ramp and collector-distributor road

Recently Completed:

  • Replaced 24" sanitary sewer line under Newtown Road south
  • Nightly detours for southbound Newtown Road for utility relocation
  • Traffic barrier and temporary lighting on I-264 east


  • Utility relocation under Newtown Road
  • Excavating for stormwater management at Newtown and Witchduck
  • Pile-driving and installation of quad box culvert near Top Golf
  • Pile-driving behind Top Golf for new bridge over I-264
  • Pile-driving for ground improvements, bridge over Newtown Road and box culvert extension
  • Storm drainage installation at Newtown Road and along I-264 east behind Marriott hotel


  • Drilled shaft foundations and columns in Newton Road median
  • Pile-driving near Cleveland Street
  • Underground utility work on Greenwich Road
Traffic Impacts
  • A weekend detour will be scheduled in early 2019 for motorists traveling from I-64 west to I-264 east and from I-264 east to Newtown Road. More details at the top this newsletter.

  • A barrier wall will be installed on the shoulder of the ramp from the I-264 east collector-distributor road to I-64 east (Exit 14A) in early 2019. This operation has yet to be scheduled but will be done during off-peak travel times. The barrier will remove the shoulder of the ramp for an extended time so crews can install a sound wall along a portion of I-64 east. Additional notice will be provided when the work is scheduled.

  • Shoulders along I-64 west and a portion of I-264 east are closed for construction.

  • Motorists should expect night-time single-lane closures on the interstates when traveling through the project area.
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