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What Do These Have in Common?
Farmers' Market, Main Street and
Huron Valley State Bank 

Community banks build better communities.  In April, Huron Valley State Bank recognized The Independent Community Bankers of America? (ICBA) Community Banking Month; a month dedicated to celebrating the longstanding tradition of local hometown community banking. Throughout the month, using social media, the Bank encouraged consumers and small businesses to learn more about community banks, their role in building stronger communities, and the quality products and services that they provide-all with the relationship banking experience that customers can expect from a local financial institution.  

Community banks are relationship lenders that flourish when their customers and communities grow. Taking care of customers and looking out for the best interest of local communities is the community banking business model. Across the nation, community banks operate 52,000 locations, employ 700,000 Americans and hold $3.6 trillion in assets, $2.9 trillion in deposits and $2.4 trillion in loans to consumers, small businesses, and the agricultural community.

"Community banks such as Huron Valley State Bank are one-of-a-kind, as are our customers and the Huron Valley Area which we are proud to serve on a daily basis. ICBA Community Banking Month gives us an opportunity to celebrate the unique and critical role we play in our local hometown," said Jack Shubitowski, President and CEO of Huron Valley State Bank.   
Safe Guard Your Finances with Text Alerts   
Did you know that identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the United States? Many thieves rely on the internet, telephones and even your trash as a means of stealing your identity and your money. While thieves are hard at work, Huron Valley State Bank is too. We have partnered with smsGuardian to provide an extra layer of protection from identity theft and fraud. Our credit cards have a similar feature as well.  

Recognizing fraud or identity theft immediately after a transaction has occurred reduces the chance that further unauthorized use of your card will take place. By enrolling in these free* services you can be assured that your identity and money is being protected.

For your debit card, the fraud center will contact you by text message each time your card is used for the following activities:

     Purchases greater than $300
     Purchases that occur out of state
     5 or more transactions in 24 hours
     Fuel or service station transactions

If the transaction is legitimate, you need not reply. If it is fraudulent, you may reply by text and your card will be blocked from further activity.

For your credit card, we have a similar system in place. By providing your mobile phone number, it will alert you when suspicious activity has occurred. To enroll in these free* services go to

Please note: Data and message rates may apply. Please check with your carrier.  
From Our Customers 
"I first got to know Huron Valley State Bank through my tenure as treasurer for a local club.  Everyone I encountered has always been very friendly and willing to assist with any task, no matter how big or small.  It was from this experience that I decided to open a checking account for my single person tax practice and the same great service continues today.  Besides the friendly atmosphere and tellers that actually know you by name, there are the cookies.  Seriously, where else can someone conduct their banking and receive a delicious cookie?  Huron Valley State Bank has earned my business for years to come." - - Dave
"At both branches, your tellers, managers, and officers consistently welcome me with a warm, personal greeting, and a smile, and I feel glad I came!  You have a great mix of professionalism and personal warmth!"-- Doug 
Meet Your Bankers
Mike Adam 
In November of 2012, Mike Adam joined the team as Vice President of Commercial Loans. In his role he is responsible for building new and existing commercial relationships for the bank.  He is also responsible for ensuring the bank's current commercial customers get the best possible service and are aware of different solutions to meet their evolving needs.  Last but not least, he monitors the overall commercial loan portfolio performance.  With a long background in banking, as well as five years experience in the automotive industry in different capacities, he brings a wealth of knowledge to Huron Valley State Bank. 

Mike can be found at the Loan Center in downtown Milford during the week.  When asked what he likes most about working at the Bank, he replies "I am very fortunate to work with the great people throughout the bank and the local community.  Everyone at HVSB is passionate about serving our clients' needs; they enjoy their work and are the best team I have worked with in my career.  In addition, the local community has been very welcoming and accepting of me."  On the weekends, he likes boating on the Great Lakes, spending time with his wife, Lora, and two sons, or reading about history and researching family ancestry.
Beware: Telephone Fraud Scam
  RequestingYour Credit Card Number
Please be aware of a new telephone fraud scam, carried out via prerecorded messages as well as live calls, claiming your credit card has been frozen due to fraudulent activity. You're asked to provide (orally or via keypad punching) your account number, expiration date and security code.
Don't do it!  This gives scammers the numbers they need - in correct order, to craft a virtual credit card they can immediately use to make fraudulent online and other card-not-present transactions.

If you receive a call like this hang up and report the call to Huron Valley State Bank and the Federal Trade Commission online or by calling 1-888-382-1222.

Remember, Huron Valley State Bank will NEVER call or email you asking for your credit card, debit card, bank account or social security number.  
For more information about phone scams, click here.  

When Lori Verbrugge heard that there would be a bank starting up in her hometown, she knew that she had to be part of the opportunity.  With over thirty years of experience in financial institutions and business development, it was only fitting that Huron Valley State Bank would be the place she would grow, cultivate, and give her time and talents for the years to come.   By the time that Huron Valley State Bank opened it doors for business in August of 2005, Lori Verbrugge was already at the helm in charge of the bank's operations located out of a retail complex in downtown Milford.   After the bank outgrew its space, it moved to its headquarters on South Milford Road in 2008.  "I have seen us grow from one location to three, from three employees to twenty-five, and to be serving so many customers and businesses in this community. It has been both rewarding and satisfying to be a  part of this growth," said Lori. 
 Did You Know?
The world's first paper money was created in China 1,400 years ago.