November is a month of gratitude! Our Waterloo and Cedar Falls stores will offer free sundaes for veterans on Monday, Nov. 11, and will be closed for Thanksgiving on Nov. 28. We are grateful for our customers who allow us to do what we love. Have a blessed holiday season!  
November 2019
Photos of the Month
Thank you to all who attended our Down on the Farm Breakfast on Oct. 19! We had a turnout of 491 people who enjoyed an all-local pancake breakfast and farm activities. Check out more photos from the day on our Facebook page.
November coupon
Don't miss this month's coupon for an easy appetizer for your holiday gatherings ... buy $15 of block cheese, get 15% off one summer sausage! (Includes Marks Locker and Kramer's Sausage brands)

Holiday food in stores this month
Remember Hansen's Dairy for your holiday needs! We have egg nog, hams and turkeys.
Hams and turkeys will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't worry, we order plenty!
Ferndale Turkeys 
  • Raised on a family farm in Cannon Falls, Minnesota (see their website here)
  • Free-range and raised without growth hormones and preventive antibiotics
  • Processed naturally with no added salt, water, or fillers
  • Sold FROZEN for Thanksgiving
  • Available for pickup on Nov. 21
  • Weights range from 10 to 20 pounds
Hansen's Hams
  • From Webster City Custom Meats in Webster City, Iowa (see their website here)
  • Bone-in, shankless, cured only with their own natural juices and certified hickory smoked, made especially for Hansen's customers.
  • Sold FRESH for Thanksgiving
  • Available for sale Nov. 19
  • Two sizes: half hams (7-9 lbs, serves 10, $2.99/lb) and whole hams (15-18 lbs, serves 20, $2.89/lb). 
For questions about the hams and turkeys, call our stores in Waterloo (319-234-3309) or Cedar Falls (319-266-3044).
Treats of the Week
November is a month of sundaes! Stop in to Hansen's Dairy Waterloo, 3015 Kimball Ave., to test out this month's Treats of the Week.  

Nov. 4: This week's treat  is perfect for fall, and even a little healthy :) Our Caramel Apple Sundae is a scoop of Vanilla ice cream nestled in a bed of local apple slices, then drizzled in caramel, cinnamon and whipped cream $3.29

Nov. 11: This one will remind you of lunchbox fare ... but much tastier!  The PB&J Sundae features one scoop of Peanut Butter Yum ice cream topped with your choice of Strawberry or homemade Black Raspberry sauce, plus whipped cream and crushed waffle cone pieces. $2.29

Nov. 18:  Now this treat really satisfies :)  The Candy Bar Sundae features o ne scoop of Candy Bar ice cream piled high with peanuts, chocolate, caramel, whipped cream and sprinkles . It's the perfect energy booster when the holiday planning is getting longer, and longer, and longer ... $3.29

Nov. 25:  This Treat of the Week is the perfect winter combo - chocolate and mint. The Chocolate Mint Bliss Sundae is one scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream topped with hot fudge, whipped cream, and a flurry of chocolate flakes.  It's cold AND hot! $2.29
Wagyu-Holstein beef now available online to ship
Do you consider yourself a meat connoisseur? Get great satisfaction from biting into a flavorful, juicy steak? Enjoy cooking gourmet dishes for friends and family? 

You'll want to try some of Hansen's Wagyu-Holstein beef, now available to purchase and ship online. Free shipping anywhere in the U.S. (But if you live here locally, picking up is still the best option!)

Choices include primal cuts and/or individual steaks in filet, ribeye, New York Strip and sirloin. Makes a great gift ... or just keep them to savor yourself!
Ag field trip? There's a grant for that
Teachers, do you want to take your students on an ag-related field trip? Silos & Smokestacks wants to help you out! 

Applications for the Silos & Smokestacks 2019-20 Bus Grant Program are now available to help fund transportation costs to Silos partner sites and farms in the 37-county heritage area, including Hansen's Dairy farm.

Click here  to apply online or visit the website  to download, print, and mail in an application.
Customer of the Month
Mark Krouse and family
The November Customer of the Month is  Mark Krouse  of Waterloo. 

Mark's memories of our Hansen's Dairy Moo Roo store make us realize how long we've been in business!

"When I was in school my parents would take me and my siblings to get ice cream often," Mark said. "I have continued this tradition with my daughter and wife as we go nearly weekly to the same location in Waterloo."

The family loves to buy cheese curds and get ice cream treats. "My daughter enjoys the vanilla ice cream, I usually try anything I haven't had in a while, and my wife loves the Cotton Candy or Cookies n' Cream," he said. "Our family enjoys the freshness and variety that Hansen's provides as well as the always friendly staff."

Thanks, Mark! Customers of the Month receive a $5 gift certificate to use at our stores and two free hands-on tour passes to the farm (a $30 value). You could be chosen by filling out an entry form at our stores or through your comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
CowoftheMonth Cow of the Month
The November Cow of the Month is absolute perfection. 

Absolut just turned 6 years old and is  producing a whopping 136 pounds of milk a day. She's accumulated  110,000 pounds of milk in her lifetime - that's 12,800 gallons! She is also a high butterfat producer, which means she is a great contributor to our tasty heavy cream, butter and ice cream.

Absolut is a wonderful cow to work with. She has great feet, legs and udder, which are three of the most important traits for a cow. She has also produced three beautiful heifer calves: Abednago, Alize, and Abel-Red (pictured).
Cooking with Hansen's
I like one-dish meals, keeping meals simple and clean-up quick!  Here's a recipe you can use and modify to suit your tastes.  Any meat can be used (Hansen's Dairy Stores carry a huge variety), including leftover roasts or poultry.  You could also add in other vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, beets, broccoli, or okra.  And the cheese choices are endless!   For more simple recipes using local, seasonal foods, check out my website at

Stuffed Spaghetti Squash
Serves: 2-4
Prep time: 20 min
Bake time: 60 min
Total time:  1 hour 20 min

  • 1 lb. Beeler's Breakfast Sausage* 
  • 1/2 cup Westby Sour Cream* 
  • Slices of your favorite block cheese* 
  • 1 medium to large spaghetti squash** 
  • 1 medium onion, chopped** 
  • 1 celery stalk, chopped 
  • 1 carrot, chopped 
* Items found in Hansen's Dairy Stores 
** Items found in Hansen's Dairy Stores in season

  • Preheat oven to 350F. 
  • Brown Beeler's Breakfast Sausage and finely chop. Add vegetables and cook until soft and meat is fully cooked. 
  • While stovetop ingredients are cooking, cook whole spaghetti squash in microwave on high for 3-5 minutes (or until soft enough to cut in half, length-wise). 
  • When stovetop mix is cooked, remove from heat and add sour cream. 
  • Scoop out seeds from each half of the squash and place halves on parchment lined cookie sheet. Spoon stovetop mix evenly into each squash cavity (may be heaping depending on squash size).
  • Bake at 350F for 50 min. Top with block cheese slices and return to oven for another 10 min.
  • Enjoy!
  •  Click here for a printable PDF of the recipe

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