May 30th, 2024

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Tents Arrive in Gaza

Humanity First UK and our partner Anera shared this video of tents arriving in Gaza. These tents are part of the global Humanity First response to the humanitarian crisis in Palestine. Your continued support through HFUSA ensures that Humanity First can provide shelter, food, water, and psychosocial support for people enduring the horror and hardship of war.

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Qurbani Service, final day June 9th

Humanity First USA is once again offering Qurbani Service for our esteemed donors to fulfill their Eid-ul-Adha Qurbani requirements to provide nutritious meat to people in need for the holiday. The contributions received for this service are used only for qurbani and not for any other Humanity First program, project, or administration.

Globally, last year’s Humanity First Qurbani reached 829,089 people. Your qurbani will benefit deserving families of children at HF schools, needy patients at our healthcare facilities, people without homes, widows and orphans, prisoners, refugees and displaced populations, and other impoverished communities. 

If you wish to participate in the Qurbani Service, the last date to contribute is Sunday, June 9th, 2024. 

The words Qurbani Service with an image of a sheep a cow and a cow with dotted lines to show portions. The sheep is 155 dollars the cow is 600 and one seventh share of a cow is 85 dollars.
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Detroit Dinner on June 21st!

If you live in or near Detroit, we are excited that there are still some tickets available for this 20th Anniversary regional fundraising and commemoration dinner.

Get your tickets now to join us on Friday June 21st!


Sustainable School Construction in Burkina Faso

HFUSA is expanding our elementary school in Banfora, Burkina Faso into a school complex to house an elementary through high school and a vocational center. With the help of a generous donor in the U.S. we have initiated work on this expansion. The new building - shown in the 3D rendering - will host the school, and the current building will become a vocational center. 

A digital rendering of one story school building with an entranceway leading into a main building that has a pointed roof and brick walls and blue painted columns.

Instead of using cement blocks, this school will be built with a traditional and eco-friendly sustainable construction method using natural Laterite stones. For an similar cost, these bricks save in usage of water, do not require plastering and paint, and keep room temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler. See the masons cut the stones directly in the ground for our school.

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Gift of Health for over 1,000 adults and children in Guatemala

The Gift of Health medical mission led by Humanity First Student Organizations from Temple University and the University of Toledo College of Medicine attended to 1,068 people in Guatemala.

The team traveled to three different villages and towns, setting up a one-day clinic in each. Humanity First Guatemala and local doctors led the clinics with student support. In addition to general medical care, this mission brought much-needed dental care to these towns. Patients were able to see a dentist, and students performed hundreds of fluoride treatments for children and adults for long term oral health.

A man wearing blue medical scrubs inserts a q-tip into the mouth of a young boy sitting in a white plastic chair for his fluoride treatment.
Two women step up to a wooden counter. Behind the counter are two people in medical scrubs dispensing medication and two people looking at a paper printout.

Thank you to the students and to all the local partners, physicians, and staff! 

Students, if you want to get involved with future medical missions with Humanity First, we invite you to register at or start your HFSO!

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