May 23rd, 2024

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Thank you to all for an exciting 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner!

We were thrilled to host nearly 400 people representing seven countries at the Humanity First USA 20th Anniversary Gala in Washington DC last week. 

Philanthropists, Ambassadors and Counselors of foreign nations, business leaders, former congressional representatives, leaders and representatives from multiple faith traditions, regional and national nonprofit leaders all gathered together to commemorate this milestone for HFUSA and increase our impact for global humanitarian aid.

Our esteemed speakers spoke to the need for humanitarian action, the impact of Humanity First USA and the global Humanity First network, and how our supporters can help serve humanity.

  • Mr. Amjad Mahmood Khan, Gala emcee and Humanity First USA Board Director
  • Munum Naeem, Humanity First USA Chairman and Executive Director
  • Dr. Kaleem Malik, Humanity First USA Director of Disaster Medical Training & Development
  • Dr. Elena Gabriela Mota Magaña, Nasir Hospital Director.
  • Mr. Lassina Maiga, National Coordinator of Humanity First Mali
  • Mr. Mahershala Ali, Actor and Philanthropist
  • His Excellency Sekou Berthe, Ambassador to the U.S. from the Republic of Mali
  • His Excellency Sidique Abou-Bakarr Wai, Ambassador to the U.S. from the Republic of Sierra Leone
  • His Excellency Samuel Hinds, Ambassador to the U.S. from Guyana
  • Her Excellency Fatoumata Kaba, Ambassador to the U.S. from the Republic of Guinea
  • Ms. Ana Lucia Ramirez, Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Guatemala
  • Ms. Sophia Vitalis Gunda, Counselor of the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania
  • Mr. Falahud Din Shams, National Vice President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
  • Mr. Muhammed A. Chaudhry, Humanity First USA Board Director

And we thank our Gala Sponsors - many of whom were in the audience with family and friends - for making the event possible!

A list with names and logos of gold silver and friends level sponsors for the HFUSA 20th Anniversary Gala.

Qurbani Service

Humanity First USA is once again offering Qurbani Service for our esteemed donors to fulfill their Eid-ul-Adha Qurbani requirements. The contributions received for this service are used only for qurbani and are not used for any other Humanity First program, project, or administration.

If you wish to participate, the last date to contribute is Sunday, June 9th, 2024. 

Since 2018, the Qurbani Service has provided over 430,000 people with culturally significant and nutritionally important beef and lamb for the Eid-ul-Adha holiday. Your qurbani will benefit deserving families of children at HF schools, needy patients at our healthcare facilities, people without homes, widows and orphans, prisoners, refugees and displaced populations, and other impoverished communities.

The words Qurbani Service with an image of a sheep a cow and a cow with dotted lines to show portions. The sheep is 155 dollars the cow is 600 and one seventh share of a cow is 85 dollars.
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Over 350 patients seen by Gift of Health team in Guatemala

This week, a student health mission is serving patients in Guatemala. Led by the Humanity First Student Organizations of Temple University and the University of Toledo College of Medicine, the team has partnered with HF Guatemala and local healthcare professionals.

After a day spent in orientation, training, and a tour of HF Healthcare Services Nasir Hospital, the team was ready for patient care. On the first day of clinic in Tecpán a total of 354 patients received screenings and care by the local physicians and student assistants, including 116 children.

Checking vitals helped patients understand their health baselines. This is particularly important for patients monitoring their blood sugar to control diabetes, a growing concern in Guatemala. Patients received medications at the in-camp pharmacy, and a local dentist led check ups and teeth extraction. In parallel, students swabbed children with fluoride for longer term protection of their oral health. Students helped the doctors to check and record patients’ vitals and medical records including their diagnosis and treatment plan. 

The clinic day both began and ended with a ceremony to welcome and thank the team. The local organizers gave out certificates to each student and doctor that served in the clinic.

Almost 4 dozen people pose in a group photo. Some are wearing casual clothing typical of the united states and some of the women are wearing plaid printed skirts seen in Guatemala.
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