Spirit Awakening Through Novalis
Dear Friends, 

This is a battle-cry of those ready to face the war between human intelligence and machine intelligence. 

The war in heaven came to the earth through the influence of Ahriman in the 18th century and materialism has been the scientifically accepted worldview ever since. This limited cosmology only studies entropy and the forces of death. The life forces of the etheric realm are being crucified by this materialist worldview. Christ lives in the etheric realm that brings growth, levity, and life to the earth and each human etheric body. Christ can be encountered in this etheric realm by those who develop the heart-centered organ of morality to perceive His workings. The Archai Michael, AnthropoSophia, and the Holy Spirit can lead one to this realm of Imagination where the Angels also abide in the flowing creativity of higher thinking.

The two-dimensional realm of the binary virtual "machine kingdom" is where machine intelligence resides. This realm is somewhere between the mineral kingdom and the plant kingdom. This is a realm of Lucifer, who lures you into the cold light of machines (phones, computers, TV, movies). Lucifer offers you everything in your own personalized kingdom. This machine kingdom seemingly makes the user of the machine (digital devise) omniscience or all-knowing through Google searches, omnipresent through social media, and omnipotent through the Internet of Things. While using these devises, Lucifer eats your thinking, Ahriman eats your feelings, and the Asuras eat your will power. 

The battle between these beings happens in the human being's spirit, which is trying to be born but is about to be eaten by the dragon. The apocalyptic vision is happening now in each person as the battle between Michael and Lucifer, AnthropoSophia/Holy Spirit and Ahriman, and Christ and Sorath rages to steal human thinking, feeling and willing and turn them into cold, contracted, fragmentations of the human spirit.

Gratitude, faith/grace, and love dispel and disenchant the spell of machine intelligence that has been cast over humanity. Christ in the etheric realm antidotes the effects of negative beings trying to steal the future of humanity and turn it into the Eighth Sphere, a place where humanity is imprisoned by their own allegiance to machine (artificial/alien) intelligence and the machine world of devolving consciousness. 

We can use the capacities of higher thinking, feeling, and willing to go into the etheric realm and help win the battle of the human spirit against machine intelligence. With the help of Christ, and all of his helpers, we can develop a keen sense of morality that can lead to creating spiritual organs that utilize etheric clairvoyance to unite with the spirit and enjoin our efforts in the spiritual battle for the human being.

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel

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I was born clairvoyant and saw angels flying into our earthly realm, heard archangels sounding their harmonic music throughout everything, and felt the hand of the divine that instructed me in the language of the spirit. The problem was that almost no one around me saw, heard, or felt these beings. I had more conversations with these beings in my youth than with my family and friends. 

I could not understand why others did not perceive these other dimensions and experience these beings all around them. To me, nature was filled with elemental beings who could communicate their source and nature. I could see that higher spiritual beings were grouped in ranks and accomplished many tasks through their particular elementals.

Reading people's minds was quite easy, and often I could read their feelings and actions better than they could if they acted without consideration, which is what people do most of the time. Throughout my life, I have been searching for a way to speak about the chasm that exists between normal materialistic perception of the world and the perception of the world from the point of view of a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient person like myself.

The chasm between clairvoyant and materialistic perception is so great that there truly were no words to describe these painful gaps in perception when I was young. Once I reached the age of nine, I realized that the chasm was too large to cross until I could build some type of bridge that would cross over from the spiritless materialism of our times to true living thinking, feeling, and willing. The threefold division of the soul into thinking, feeling, and willing causes a minor crisis in the soul of a materialist as it tries to merge these three distinct realms of activity into one united consciousness. Most people have yet to realize that there are three distinct soul capacities that must be understood before a balanced personality can arise.

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We live in grave times. Reading the news headlines on any particular day, one can easily feel overwhelmed with the impending collapse of cultures, countries, financial markets, common decency, law and order, education, and spiritual and moral impulses. 

On e crisis after another, whether real or false flags, are used to chisel away our personal freedoms and liberties, leading us into an Orwellian world of global governance and the complete annihilation of all that is divine in the world. 

We hold on to threadbare strands of hope, praying for mercy and divine intervention in a global quagmire that seems unsolvable.


Where is the Christ that was to come? 

Where is the path to Shamballa? 

Where is the otherworldly exit door to all of this worldly madness?

If you are new to anthroposophy you may not be aware that Rudolf Steiner spoke of these matters at great length. For those that have studied anthroposophy, you will recall that Steiner wrote of the War of All against All, a time in a distant future that is the transition to the future Earth. But what many may not be aware of is that this struggle can take place at any cultural period either in a microcosmic form or in a full-fledged battle between the Moon and Earth.

Douglas referred to the Fairy Tale of the North in his audio above. This is entitled Finding the Blessed Isle on our Gospel of Sophia Channel. 

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