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February 24, 2020
How to use third party Apps
Hello again, and Thank You again, for all your positive feedback from our Newsletters. With every Newsletter we get more people signing up to be Demo Locations, and others selling Sonix units to their friends, neighbors, and spreading the good news about true sonic whole-body vibration exercise. Keep up the good work.

We are also still in the process of setting up a new Affiliate program on our website. You don’t need a website to be able to take advantage of our free affiliate program and receive a 10% sales commission. You can also connect the link to any of your social media connections. So, keep checking back on the website. The Affiliate button will be under the Dealers Wanted button on the left side menu. You will then be able to post a story on your website or your social media networks, how true sonic WBV exercise has helped you and make some extra cash. It’s that easy.

In this Newsletter we’re going to step way outside of the box and explain how to use third party Apps through the Audio-in receptacle on your Turbosonic or Sonix machine. Although we sell the Sonix strictly as a powered exercise device only, the Audio-in is there, and I'll explain how it works, because it is one of the most amazing benefits of the Turbosonic and Sonix over every other vibration platform in the World. I have been told the frequency range of the voice coils, which is basically a speaker, in the Turbosonic and the Sonix are from 0 – 20,000 Hertz, but most third party frequency Apps are all under...
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Featured Sonic Vibration Locations!
Dr. Tom Yarema, Part 1
Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine,
Soquel, CA
"Every doctor needs to be a Lympho-Maniac!", declares M.D. and international award-winning author Dr. Tom Yarema. "A SonicLife machine is the easiest, most accessible and the safest technology to use on all patients as the first step in improving their health.

"Every single person that needs medical attention by definition, any disturbed physiology, have pockets of waste products being retained. That waste might be inside the cell or in the nucleus of the cell which is a cancer cause. For any patient coming in with a physical ailment, cognitive disorder or brain fog, they need their lymphatics cleansed. Sonic vibration moves the lymph fluid and moves it toward the blood. When the Lymphatic system is decongested then several things happen.

1. The capillaries begin to be able to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells. We call this micro-circulation.
2. The lymph that was holding all the waste product and toxic molecules, the white blood cells which are more in the lymphatic, get to move with more grace, agility, and speed.
3. When the lymph was congested...
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Sonic Vibration Tip of the Day
Trying Bending Your Knees
The normal position while standing on the Sonic plate is that your knees should be locked to help radiate the frequency to the upper parts of the body, shoulders, head, face, etc. However, if you are experiencing any cramping, pain, or tension in your calf area, or any fluid retention in your calf or ankle area, try slightly bending your knees with the unit at 7-8-9-or 10 Hertz. I usually keep my unit in the manual mode, full power and just vary the frequencies. At 8 Hertz, full power, knees slightly bent, your calves, ankles and feet will get the ride of a lifetime. Sometimes, if my calf area is feeling a little tight, I’ll run a full 10-minute session in that position. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.
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