Volume 9 Issue 6 July 2022
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Stay Safe This Summer!
Summer safety tips cannot be overstated. Sun, heat, swimming and mosquitoes can all pose threats—unless proper precautions are taken. With a few preventive measures, you can have a safe, fun summer. We're sharing a previous blog post chock full of tips for staying safe. Have fun!
Autism-Friendly Baseball
Who doesn't love baseball during the summer? Sunshine, the crack of the bat, a hot dog and some popcorn...
Many local area teams offer fun family activities along with special options and experiences for children with special needs. From post-game fireworks, to the Sensory Nook at Citifield there's much to choose from. Take a look here.
How to Get Kids to Put Away Their Toys
It may be summer, but kids are still playing indoors at times. Legos, action figures, dolls and more can clutter a room and make for a tripping hazard (we've all stepped on a lego brick at one time or another!). Working with your child, you can create a fun system for daily cleanups. Read more here.
What are YOU reading?
Our list of recommended books continues with a theme of summer activities for children:
- Camping Activity Book for Kids by Amelia Mayer
-Would You Rather? Campfire Edition by Howling Moon Books and C.S. Adams
-The Unplugged Family Activity Book by Rachel Jepson Wolf
July is...
National Grilling Month, National Blueberry Month and National Ice Cream Month. How cool is that? Enjoy.
We're very social!
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