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Supporting American Indian and Alaska Native Children and Youth

In a new blog post, our senior fellow Sarai Cook shows how states and communities can collaborate with Native nations to use fiscal data to support American Indian and Alaska Native children and youth, providing early care and education and out-of-school time programs that are proven to support life outcomes. 

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What's New

Five Tips for Improving Cost Modeling for Early Childhood

Recently, we gathered leading experts from around the country to share actionable steps for communities to create cost models (tools that examine the true cost of programs for kids) sustainably and effectively.

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New Resources on Voter-Approved Children’s Funds

As part of our continuing Funding Our Kids 101 series, we developed three new resources about how to fund kids’ programs in sustainable ways.

Voter-Approved Children’s Funds fact sheet (the 101)

A-Z Checklist for Starting a Children’s Fund (the how-to guide)

Glossary of Terms for children’s funds (the deep dive)

This Month’s Kids’ Funding Win

Boston invested $20 million in its universal preschool program, bringing the number of community-based child care seats to nearly 1,000. Our team helped the city create a cost model to accurately determine the amount of funding needed to support this expansion.

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In Case You Missed It

Richmond, VA's Universal Pre-K

We’ve been working with Richmond, VA, to explore how the city can provide universal pre-K for its 3- and 4-year olds with federal relief funds. Check out the recent coverage by VPM.

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American Rescue Plan Deadline

The deadline for committing American Rescue Plan Child Care Stabilization Grant funds is September 30. Don’t miss it! This is an important tool for supporting child care in your state or tribe.

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Expanding Our Team

It’s our fourth birthday and we’re looking forward to sharing this anniversary with new staff and board members. Click below to learn more about the newest members of our team. For more opportunities to join us, see our careers page.

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