February 10, 3PM - 4PM: Supporting Workers of Color Under WIOA


March 16, 2PM-4PM: Organizational Change to Achieve Equity
  • YW Boston’s approach centers on creating diversity, inclusion and equity through hearing many voices as the basis to enact change. YW research shows that increasing knowledge by itself does little to change people’s attitudes and company culture regarding race and gender. This is why the YW workshops center behavioral change at three levels: micro (individual), meso (interpersonal and cultural), and macro (institutional policies and practices). Throughout this interactive workshop facilitators will introduce best practices and examine successful case studies.
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April 14, 3PM - 4:30PM: Frontline Forward/Activating Employers
  • In this workshop, participants will learn about the National Fund for Workforce Solutions' new Frontline Forward initiative to elevate the efforts some employers made during the pandemic to improve and maintain job quality for frontline workers despite challenges. This is one of four pillars of the National Fund's solutions framework: activating employers to make jobs better.
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May 19, 1PM-2PM: Participant Debrief - Where do we go from here?
  • Save the date for a conversation among participants of the previous 4 sessions to discuss major takeaways, remaining questions, and where should MWA go from here in this work.
  • Registration to come - Participants from any of the previous 4 sessions will be invited to join.