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February 2017

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Industry Demands Agile Conveyors
Curve Conveyors Deliver

Like many things in life, industrial material handling often has its share of twists and turns.

Modern manufacturing, food and beverage processing, packaging, and other industries which rely on conveyors, frequently require systems capable of accommodating tight curves — sometimes as much as 90 or even 180 degrees — in order to maximize the use of floor space and overall efficiency.

Attachment Timing Belt Conveyors Deliver
Versatility and Options Add to Functionality

In today’s manufacturing environment, it is often necessary to positively maintain a product's location and orientation in order to properly engage it during the assembly and/or testing phase. Other times products need to maintain a precise spacing and/or be indexed in synch with other equipment. Attachment timing belt conveyors are uniquely designed for these applications. mk North America offers several options for this conveyor type that may work for your particular needs.