Excited to kick off a month where forward motion is clearly stated and expected! Got to love a month with action steps in it!

Where will you MARCH ?

How will you take positive action in your life over the next 31-days?
Begin by moving your feet.
Your dance steps do not have to be choreographed, your gait does not need to be brisk, and your distance is completely up to you.
Think about it this way, March is going to happen to you, even if you stand still and do nothing as winter turns to spring. What if instead of happening to you March happened for you? What if you followed the calendar’s lead and moved your feet this March, creating next steps on being a successful goal getter? What would be different in April? Can March be the month that creates a habit of success?

In order to gain traction on your goals and keep your life in alignment, beginning today… MARCH for 31 days!

March has 744 hours available to you. 31 opportunities to stay in action and to take steps toward the experiences you most desire in 2019. If you are in a marching band there is a sense of order and commitment, and if you are attending a women’s march you are standing in solidarity for something you believe in. Where can you apply those same concepts this March?

MARCH . For 31 days move in a set direction with purpose and consistency. Stand your ground, make your mark, and empower yourself and others.

Do This Now:
Play your favorite song…REALLY LOUD … and march in place for the duration of the song. When you are done grab a notebook or create a document online with 31 dedicated pages. Identify one personal and one professional goal that you want to achieve. Think about what you want to experience for each. How will having or doing that thing make you feel, compliment your life, be an achievement.

You have already completed your first positive movement. You marched!

Now everyday, rinse and repeat this.

Begin your day with your favorite song and an intentional march! Put power in your step. Feel free to get really into it and add an entire aerobic routine, or keep it mellow and evenly paced. When you are done with your march in March commit to ONE thing that you can do and take action on TODAY, in the next 24-hours to drive the experiences you seek to achieve.

What is your one idea and how can you get closer to it?

The next day, after your morning march, do an accountability check. Did you take the steps yesterday that you thought you would, did you embrace your goals, and make headway on your dreams? Document your success.

Then repeat as above for day 2 and so on throughout the month.

On March 31 st track your mileage. How far did you go? What did you allow into your life by consistently seeking it? Did you make goal getting easier by committing to change how and when you take ownership of your goals?

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