"If your life were a book, yesterday would be the previous chapters, and tomorrow would represent what has not yet been written.Today is your day to create content." ~ Randi Levin Coaching
Whether welcomed in or not, every 24 hours on the clock flips the page on a new day and a new beginning! It may sound counter intuitive, but just because you are living today does not mean that you are “using” your day in a productive way nor enjoying it!. How many days sneak by where you feel like you did not get anything done, or perhaps that you were so busy that you did not have time for the things that really mattered? Unnoticed, one day bleeds into another and those goals and objectives that you seek can seem further and further away.

I will often work with women who are so invested in tomorrow, that they miss today. They know something is off…a bit of FOMO perhaps, but getting too immersed and caught up in the long-range plan is robbing them of their short-term successes and happiness. It is often hard to step away from tomorrow to access today!

Time for a shift? Time to welcome in today?

Set the goal, and then work the process!

The process lives in today.

Your growth lives in today.

Your energy lives in today.

Today is the only day you can really impact.

Today is your foundation for tomorrow.

Today is all about choice.Your choice to work “the middle page." If your life were a book, yesterday would be the previous chapters, and tomorrow would represent what has not yet been written.Today is your day to create content. Find your voice and seek out the middle page.This is the one that you can control and impact!

If you are seeking to center yourself here are 3 tips to make the best use of the next 24 hours on tap and to create joy in the process.

Maximizing a “Today” Mindset Reset
1.      Make space for it. Whatever is your greatest personal and professional objective of the day, you have to create room to embrace it! The most effective way to do this is to use your calendar. Every Sunday night (I am a big fan of making use of Sunday night…it is your gateway and your bridge into the week ahead) mark your calendar with both a personal and professional daily commitment. Get really specific. If you are looking to network more to expand your business,then RSVP, pay for, and calendar in a networking event for the week. If you are seeking more personal time, block it out of each day like you would a business meeting, or a doctor’s appointment. If you can only manage an hour for your personal pursuit, block it out and put it on your calendar so that what you are committing to doing gets done. Reset your week and your day each day by setting intentions daily and backing that up with the action steps necessary to get it done. Calendared and committed.

2.     Create actionable “control lists.” Make a small more intuitive to-day list every evening for the next day. Sleep on it…not figuratively, but mentally make note of the scope of what you are packing into your day. In the morning break your to-day list apart by the things you can control versus the things you cannot control. Many of us waste a great deal of our days pursuing things we cannot correct or change in any way…relationships that have ended, jobs that are stagnant, dreams you put on hold. When you cannot control the day, the day controls you and often these control items are the ones that have us creating excuses.

Take the list of things that you can control and pursue and organize them for immediate action. For the items you cannot control, dig deeper. Is there a small part of that stagnant job or bygone relationship that you can do something about? The answer is YES! There is always something you can do NOW. If your job is stagnant, take a class, learn a skill, and begin networking and job searching…perhaps this is the time to start your own business. If a relationship is over, where can you go to meet new people and pursue new relationships? Today is the day.

Bring into your life not the excuse, but the solution.

This puts you in actionable control even where it may seem as if you are not. Ask yourself, “What can I do?” Then take control of that piece that you can. This is a hands-on way to embrace today!
3.     Live your legacy. Let the story of YOU reveal itself. In order to actively live rather than anticipate your legacy you need to seek the truth in how you are using your day. Where are you embracing and accepting your day from a place of abundance? Your secret power is in manifesting in today only what you need now. What you need tomorrow, next week, next month and next year may be vastly different. What do you need to come to terms with TODAY? Are you NOWHERE or NOW HERE? The same letters exist in both statements…one space and a world of difference in regard to your mindset.


Living your legacy is not something that you will do tomorrow. It is only something that you can rightfully own and take action on today. String together your todays and what you have is a road map of your own design. This is a map that leads you forward based on the successes you celebrate each and every day.

Do it NOW. Say YES to today. Don’t wait.

Start…with the smallest piece and then add on every day!
If I can support you in staying accountable to your today's then let's talk !

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