High performers need independence...

In my experience of helping leaders accelerate their teams, there are three things I've found most discouraging to top performers:

1. Failing to provide clarity around important topics like:
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Success and milestones
  • Decision making and parameters of authority

2. Treating everyone the same, no matter how stellar, acceptable or downright mediocre his or her performance has been.

3. Assuming your top performers don't need acknowledgement, recognition or praise.

I don't think you need me to tell you how to fix this, but if you want a strategic confidant to talk with, give me a call.

Remember, if you try to control your best people, fail to provide clarity and autonomy, and you never get around to rewarding success, you might find you get tossed with the tea into the Boston Harbor!

Happy Independence Day.
To your continued success!

Dr. Liz

PS: I will be sharing ideas you can use straight away. L et me know what you think. And do tell me what you'd like to read about!