November 2015
Find Your Recorder Community!  

New map view makes it easier.

Some of us are fortunate to live in an area with a rich music culture, and  there may be dozens of recorder players in your community.  Others of us may envy those fortunate ones - did you know that only half of ARS members belong to a local chapter? Many of us live in small towns or rural areas or even in metro areas without an ARS chapter.  However, you may have recorder-neighbors closer than you i magine!

Do you finally have time for lessons but need to find a teacher? Perhaps you've heard about recorder orchestras and wonder if there's one near you. You may be a new recorder player, or in a
new location, and you'd like to find the nearest ARS Chapter.  The ARS website General Directory has an impressive new map feature to pinpoint their locations. Select "View Map" at the bottom of the Directory webpage, and then use the "Business Category" pulldown menu to refine the display. 

ARS members may log in to the website and use the Member Directory to find nearby individual members.  Does your consort need a fifth player for a special gig? Maybe you're trying to round up players for the new Traveling Teacher Program? Are you wondering how far you'd have to travel to attend a chapter meeting or workshop?  (Chapter listings usually include a website link so you can see when meetings are scheduled, or what special events are coming up.)

The map display is based on our ARS member data and privacy settings.  If needed, you can update your member profile on the website, using the link under "Our Community."

The American Recorder Society provides resources to support recorder players making music together, and it all starts in your community. Now it's up to you: go find your people!

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