July 2015
Seek and ye shall find . . .  Recorder Players!

One of the valuable offerings on the ARS website is the Directory that lists recorder players, ARS chapters, recorder orchestras, consorts, professional players and teachers.  It is available for members and non-members alike.
During the last year there have been over 600 queries a month - that's over 20 a day, from recorder players seeking other recorder players or groups.

To use the Directo
ry, go to the Home Page of the ARS website, select the "Recorder Community" menu item, and click on "General Directory Search." Click on the desired category (Chapter, Teacher, etc.), enter a keyword or a State/Country in that category and then click the "Search" button next to that keyword.  Or, you may click the "View All" button at the bottom to see all of the members in that category.

ARS members can also search the membership database for the contact information of a specific member under "Members,"  "Membership Directory" after logging in as an ARS Member.

So if you are looking for the contact information for that ARS member you sat next to at your last workshop, seek them out on the ARS website!
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