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Whole Grains in the Mediterranean Diet
May is International Mediterranean Diet Month and the perfect time to try a Mediterranean grain recipe. Many grains trace their roots back to the Fertile Crescent, an area on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea including what is today Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, and Israel. Until the late 1800’s, when industrial milling made it cheap and easy to remove the nutritious bran and germ of the grain, grains were nearly always eaten in their whole grain form.
Give Your Whole Grain Intake a Boost
How to Eat Whole Grains Like the Danes
The average Dane eats 82 grams of whole grain per day. To find out the secret to their success, we caught up with Rikke Iben Neess, campaign leader for the Danish Whole Grain Partnership.
No-Knead Whole Grain Bread Made Simple
The Whole Grain Baking Team is off to the kitchen to create a go-to recipe for those who want to keep things simple. For those looking for a new bread project, we welcome you to experiment with us! 
Ask the RD: Whole Grains & Weight
Do whole grains make you gain weight? Our registered dietitian explains the research behind whole grains and weight in this 2-minute IGTV video.
Ancient Grain Breakfast Bowls

An Oldways recipe and photo
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