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Protecting What You Love Most
This month we have focused on protecting your family and loved ones by preparing useful, robust and powerful documents. The Durable Power of Attorney is the most powerful document in the estate planning arsenal of documents. However, they are not all created equally. I like to put them into three categories:

  • Very bare-bones documents that do not provide any protection and aren't worth the paper they're written on. A cheap document taken off the internet merely gives false protection (and leads to guardianships!).
  • Proper estate planning documents give more protection and even work great for healthy or younger individuals. These more robust documents provide more protection. However, if you are over 50, "elder law" documents are a must!
  • Elder law documents (the next step beyond general estate planning) provide unique powers such as the power of Medicaid planning, making gifts, creating of irrevocable trusts and more. These powers will make sure your family actually has the tools to protect YOU!

Do You Care A Lot?
You may have seen or heard about the popular Netflix series "I Care A Lot," which focuses on abusive guardianship situations. It is hard to watch! The best way to ensure they don't happen to our loved ones is through solid estate pre-planning.

Showing Love Through Planning
If the past 13 months have taught us anything, it's that your loved ones are never too healthy to have a discussion about a Power of Attorney. But what do you do when it's too late to appoint a POA?

Take Your Business from Good to Great
The other half of the equation for a healthy work/life balance is, of course, work. How do you achieve success in the workplace without getting burnt out?

Read my conversation with Authority Magazine on how to elevate your work even through turbulent times.
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The Live-On Project
Have you seen this planner?

Estate planning is one of the purest ways to show love to your family. There is a raw emotion felt by a parent towards their children when the subject is discussed. I'm sharing this powerful book that I authored titled The Live-On Project because I deeply believe it will transform the way you communicate with your children for years to come. You can download it on Kindle here.
This free virtual book will help you pass your legacy on to your children. There's something powerful about providing your child with joyous moments they can revisit 25, 35, even 50 years in the future by reading personal letters from you to them!
The Parent Spot
Little Kids & Estate Planning
Take a free course to learn how to secure your kids.

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