How many hospice moments
were frozen out by recent weather?
How many hospice family members missed meeting your hospice team members because of treacherous weather? Or worse, they couldn't get to their loved one, just before or after the death?

How much caregiver teaching was cut short by your staff's travel demands to get to their next visits?

How many bereaved persons couldn't get to your support groups, grief counseling, or events that help them cope?
Did icy roads cause emotions to slide and collide?
Primary caregivers felt overwhelmed?

Schedules got out of sync?

Volunteers couldn't safely volunteer?

Were frozen-out family members left in the lurch when they didn't have access to (1) interactive communication with your team, nor (2) education to help them understand what was happening, nor (3) guidance for what they could do, especially from afar?
Yet, your hospice teams pressed on!

Meaningful stories abound.
They need to be told!
Protect your ways that connect.

And, new traction is
ready for roads yet ahead.
Move into 2018's
emergencies and emerging moments,
equipped with Composing Life's solutions to help you
  • Reach,
  • Teach, and
  • Support your hospice's caregivers and family members.

Better. Safer. Faster.
Unthaw With Today's Ways
To Connect
Reach Each Other
Whatever the Weather
Word to the Wise: These solutions are not about replacing personal visits. These are about strengthening visits and ongoing communication. These solutions are about educating caregivers and family between visits, 24/7, wherever they are. These are about filling gaps. Raising your bar of excellence. Carrying out your commitments to quality care. Contact us to discuss your organization's needs.
Solution 1. Composing Life's
Across the Continuum of Care
Solution 2. Composing Life's
Solution 3. Composing Life's