Things are happening fast and furious and as a member of the California Escrow Association, we are giving you alerts so that you are kept in touch:

► Independent Escrow Companies governed under the Dept of Business Oversight are reminded that under Escrow Law, you are required to operate from the location given on file with the DBO. Working from home or remotely from another location is not allowed and will require special exemptions and notification to the DBO as well as a submission of a “Contingency Plan." Further information will be forthcoming from DBO as to how to apply for such exemptions. 

► Some Title companies are issuing exceptions to their preliminary report which states, in effect, that due to the closure of County Courts, information from the Courts are not readily available to date down the preliminary report. This may affect their ability to properly insure the transaction and thus cause delays to the closing. We are cautioned to please be proactive and check with your transaction Title Officer.

► In compliance with Governor Newsom’s directives, some county government agencies are closing their physical location to access by the general public. This means that County Recorder/Clerk offices are closed to walk-ins by the general public. Recordings must be conducted electronically, there will be no accommodation or special recordings. Essential services can be provided online, by phone and via email.

Members are directed to go the County Recorder/Clerks’ websites for the most up-to-date information.

What are some things you can do from your desk? Here are some suggestions. Please check with your management:

  • Limit the clients from coming in to your office during this time period
  • Utilize mobile notaries (if they are willing) for signups outside of office
  • Clean off your work desk/chair arms after each visit with sanitizers
  • Offer a clean pen for signing and let them keep it
  • Make hand sanitizer available to all clients who come in to sign, at your desk, lunch room, and restrooms
  • Recommend your clients to utilize your restrooms to wash hands before and after signing
  • Keep to your office; less congregation in the lunch room or water cooler
  • Disposable gloves will help minimize contact with mail and delivery packages 
  • If possible, work in shifts to minimize staff contact
  • Recommend to staff to self-isolate at night and weekends
  • Keep washing those hands!

We will keep you posted as we go through these difficult times. Stay safe!           

The Board of Directors
California Escrow Association