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    HOPE news warms us up!                               -Rio
T h a n k   Y o u   t o   O u r   U n i c o r n s ! !
A.K.A. Our generous donors!!

We'd like to extend a huge and hearty thank you to everyone who donated to HOPE in December 2017. Our generous donors gave $5,980. That's enough for:
  • two young people to participate in the Youth Action Board for an entire year;
  • two and a half adults to maintain the community garden and vibrant streets in the Elmhurst neighborhood for a year; or
  • 12 roundtrip flights to Hawaii.

Are you reading this and wishing you could help us send more people to Hawaii (#staffretreat2018)? There's still time!  Click this link to donate. The link will take you to the Tides Center donation page. Be sure to select "HOPE Collaborative" as the project you're donating to. HOPE is a project of the Tides Center.

Q & A   w i t h   N e w   S t a f f   M e m b e r s
We're thrilled to introduce HOPE Collaborative's newest staff member! Erica Jacksonwho was previously a member of HOPE's Youth Action Board, joins our staff as the Food Justice Community Organizer. The competition for the role was fierce, and Erica's passion, commitment, and skillset shone through the hiring process. We're thrilled to have her here, and so we asked some questions to get to know her better.

What were you grateful for in 2017?
Erica: I'm grateful for my support system of mentors, friends, and family in 2017. They've all supported me through the rough and hard times, and continue to do so when I need them.

Erica Jackson, Food Justice Community Organizer 
What are you looking forward to in 2018?
Erica:  I'm looking forward to planning and serving as a mentor for 2018  Sisterhood Rising. I'm very honored to step into this role and hope to represent HOPE as well as East Oakland fiercely!

What is your favorite ice breaker question & how would you answer it? 
Erica : My favorite ice breaker question is, if you could be a taco, what would you be and why? My answer would be a carne asada taco because I LOVE tacos. They are my favorite food, and I could eat them any time of day.

Describe your job in 7 words or less. 
Erica:  Corner Stores Seeking Food Justice With Youth!

Visit our website to learn more about Erica and the rest of HOPE's family! 
# w i n n i n g   w i t h   t h e   G F P P
What's the win: In November 2017, the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) 
Emanuel, one of HOPE's YAB School team leader, sharing at the School Board Meeting

Who made it happen: Young people from HOPE's Youth Action Board were integral to the process! They spoke at a School Board Meeting, conducted a social media campaign, and launched a letter-writing campaign.

What's next: Now that the policy has passed, HOPE's young people are working with OUSD on implementation and enforcement of the policy.

Photo: Center for Good Food Purchasing -  Center for Good Food Purchasing
A n n o u n c e m e n t s

  • The Sustainable Economies Law Center is recruiting folks to join the Soil Policy Team, where local community members will be able to learn about compost law, build community and policy advocacy skills. No experience necessary! Interested? Email sue@theselc.org for more information.
  • Are you an entrepreneur looking for training and funding? Text "VIBRANT" to 510-319-9702, and the Alliance for Community Development's Text Hotline will send you resources! 
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