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October 15, 2021 Volume 11 Number 10

Bette Blance Has Taken Quality Schools Home to New Zealand

By the time Bette Blance moved to Australia from her native New Zealand in 1980, she had become an accredited teacher with experience in primary and secondary education. Her most memorable experience to that point was in a regular New Zealand high school in classes for 13 and 14 year old students who “did not fit in the system”. She was free to try “irregular” strategies to connect with this population, and she found the work satisfied her high need for freedom.
In Queensland, Australia, the need was for math and science teachers; so Bette said she could teach these subjects, even though her previous concentration was English and Social Studies. She was often “a couple of pages ahead of the students,” but managed the transition and her own learning satisfied her need for fun.
 In the process of teaching, Bette began to participate in a program called “Excellence in Teaching” which had been developed by combining the work of Dr. Glasser and Dr. Madeline Hunter. The last session in the twenty hour program always included a Glasser role play tape entitled “The Fighting Student.” Bette helped present this program about five times yearly for nine years, and that role play really impressed her. She decided she was interested in Choice Theory and meeting Dr. Glasser. She began participating in the Glasser Australia organization, and finally met Dr. Glasser while helping to organize conferences when he was a featured speaker.
As part of the Excellence in Teaching Program Bette had been trained to use a peer coaching process with participants in each school. Through reflection and self-evaluation she has been able to refine this process and still uses it today. Participants in the coaching cycle are all voluntary, and the cycle itself Includes three phases:
 1) Using CT/RT, a teacher/coach is invited by a teacher/colleague to help them define their values and beliefs about effective learning and teaching. This process clarifies the quality world pictures the teacher wants to match within the lessons they deliver to students.
 2) The coach attends the colleague’s teaching session and records factual observations without making inferences or judgements; and
3) the coach and the inviting teacher meet after the observation session to go over the facts. The coach assists their colleague to self-evaluate their success in matching their quality world picture and to devise plans for follow-up sessions.
Bette finished a Master’s in Educational Studies at the University of Queensland in 1991, and began the WGI certification process, learning from Jeanette McDaniel, Lynn Sumida, and Barbara Garner.  Her certification was completed in 1994.
With her administrative qualifications, Bette had become Deputy Principal of a primary school that grew to have 2000 students. The school principal was a young person who encouraged innovation, and she loved the challenge of the environment. She also worked with teacher training students while in the school; and when she retired, she went on to teach at Griffith University as the Associate Director for the Centre of Applied Education.
 Her favorite course to teach was a summer training workshop for graduating teachers, assisting them to bridge the transition from college to teaching work. There was a lot of emphasis on active participation, classroom culture and role play with self-evaluation, and an emphasis on team success. The classes grew, and the largest class had sixty students. Bette ended her career as an educator in 2014, and began to make some really different significant contributions. (Continued below)

It is both. Take Charge of Your Life—the course--described in the article above, is offered via the Glasser International web site. Anyone who is CTRT certified is invited to identify and engage a mentor to plan their six hour course, which can be tailored by any presenter to meet their own special needs and needs of their student population. Per Glasser International: “It (the course) serves as a basic introduction to Choice Theory psychology, an excellent explanation of human behaviour; and a way to understand how we can improve the quality of our own lives and improve our personal wellbeing.” Ten percent of proceeds from the course are donated to Glasser International.
Take Charge of Your Life--the book--is available at, or most places books are sold. It began as a book called Control Theory, written by Dr. Glasser and published by Harper and Row in 1984. It was the first book Dr. Glasser wrote for a general audience after he began thinking of the human mind as a control system. In the forward, Dr. Glasser acknowledges the contribution of William Powers’ work understanding the way people can gain control of their own lives.
Control Theory was well ahead of its time. Not only did it explain how the human brain functions as a control system, but the nature of choice. The explanations of the quality world, creativity and reorganization, addictions, the mind-body connection and psychosomatic illness are consistent with the current opinions on these subjects.
By 2010, Control Theory was out of print, and Harper Collins did not want to publish it any longer. So, they surrendered the copyright to Glasser Books, Inc. Mrs. Glasser decided to bring the book up to date and re-issue it under a different title: Take Charge of Your Life. It was published in 2011. It won the iUniverse Editor’s Choice Award, and the 2013 Adult Psychology Book (INDIE) award for books from independent publishers.
Mrs. Glasser has approved translations of Take Charge of Your Life into French, Arabic, and Japanese. The French translation, Prendre sa Vie en Main, is available on the Canadian e-glasser web site. The Arabic edition is in its fourth printing, and sold over 15,000 copies. (A Google search in English, requesting the Arabic version yields several references in Arabic we are not able to follow.) Take Charge of Your LIfe has also been translated into Japanese by Professor Masaki Kakitani.
October 21-23, 2021

With workshops and presentations in Arabic
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(Continued from above) The first five years of Bette’s retirement were divided between Australia and New Zealand as Bette’s mother had become ill. Ultimately, she and her husband elected to settle in a beautiful, verdant area of New Zealand. But to Bette, retirement did not mean disengagement with Glasser activities or ideas.
In 2014, at the beginning of her retirement, she joined the International Board as the Representative from Australia and New Zealand. She was involved with the development of a course intended to introduce core concepts of Choice Theory to the uninitiated. It became six hours of instruction with a flexible format which could be taught by anyone who is certified in Choice Theory and Realtiy Therapy. The new course was entitled Take Charge of Your Life.
Together with Nancy Herrick, Bette developed the comprehensive teaching manual that a CT certified person could use to develop their own workshops. The manual includes a description of educational principles to follow for planning each instructional hour, and there are multiple possible suggestions for educational activities. A power point presentation is included in the resource material, and there are accurate pre-designed written materials for participants. Each person who wants to present the program pairs with a faculty advisor, who supports them for planning and implementation. By the time the program development was finished, Ellen Gelinas, Kim Olver, and Janet Morgan had also contributed to its development.
To date, the Take Charge of Your Life program has been presented in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the US, parts of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Singapore and South Africa. Participants’ materials have been translated into Arabic, French, Croatian, and Afrikaans. There were booklets with additional activities issued in 2018, and 2019. Bette explains that the program has also been hampered by the pandemic, and she has hopes enrollment will increase as the pandemic recedes. Meanwhile, she has been collecting data from participants, which she believes she is not equipped to analyze. These data include pre and post surveys from participants, as well as contact information which could be used for follow-up studies. Bette would be very interested in working with anyone who would like to study and analyze these data. Is there a graduate student who would like to explore this opportunity?
In 2015 Bette had become President of WGI New Zealand, and now continues as a member of the Management Committee. She had also been doing some consulting in schools, teaching Quality School methods to school staff. Recently a new Principal, who had previously taught in a school undertaking CTRTLM training, was offered an opportunity to lead a school in an economically depressed area; and Bette soon received a request for support. This effort is now in its second year.
The first year, a group of thirty teachers learned Choice Theory through the Choice Theory Online CT/RT course available through Glasser Canada. Bette conducted the in-person meetings and role play practice via Zoom. This year, there were an additional six teachers who began the BIT online. Bette has also been providing consulting with teachers and faculty. This project also involves data collection, and has ample opportunity for study of transition from teacher practices based on external control to internal control through quality education methods. Bette is also interested in hearing from a graduate student who would be interested in research involving this program. (Please email if you are interested in contacting Bette about this opportunity.)
Thank you, Bette, for all you have done and continue to do teaching and promoting CT/RT. We appreciate your contribution to the education of numerous children and adults and hope you and your efforts continue to flourish!

The William Glasser,M.D. International Memorial Library
Calling all members and followers of William Glasser’s work, I need your help. I have been gathering various articles of memorabilia representing the great body of work Dr. Glasser contributed to the world since he began his career as a psychiatrist in 1954. Many of you have been instructors teaching his ideas since the formation of his institutes to teach Reality Therapy and Choice Theory. Some of you were founding members and have a long and outstanding history using these ideas.
I am seeking your help in gathering any memorabilia you have collected over the years such as letters you have received from Dr. Glasser: books he has endorsed, annual convention materials you have kept, books that he has written that have been translated to foreign languages or any other records of him you have kept.
The reason I am asking for your help is, I want to gather as many pieces of his history as I can that reflect your connection with him. Because you are an integral part of the organizations that represent him and his work, I am hoping you have kept a special moment in time you had with him.
Everything I have and will be able to assemble in the next six months will be displayed in a permanent installation called The William Glasser, M.D. International Memorial Library.  The International Convention, held in Japan, 2022, will premier the opening of the library and provide a permanent location of the library for the world to see.
If you have something you would like to share, please email me at with your information about what it is and I will arrange the next steps for getting it to Japan at no cost to you.
Coming Soon!
GIFCT is planning a new online course for teachers based on the Glasser Class Meeting Kit a Choice Theory Curriculum for students.

Nathanael Seers Ong, member of the Choice Theory Group in Singapore has a pre-Christmas suggestion for teaching Choice Theory. He has created a deck of multipurpose choice theory cards which might be used as a game, as flash cards, or as daily reminders to name a few. They cover a wide range of Glasser concepts--even from the Brain Chart. Shipping is included in the price.

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