All companies – from large corporations to small businesses – employ a marketing strategy and establish a marketing budget because this is how you maintain clientele and attract new clientele. When times get tough, whether it be financially or a shift in the marketplace, the marketing budget can be the first on the chopping block. But the marketing budget is actually the last place to cut because you want customers and prospects to be reminded of your brand, the services you offer and the solutions you provide.  

Tactically, how we market to customers and prospects today may be different, but the core of marketing remains the same. When determining a marketing strategy, this question still applies: How can we assist our clientele to make their lives easier and more productive in today’s climate? This question is a critical cornerstone in how we market our businesses because it forces us to think beyond how we think we can assist, and instead helps us determine what our customers and prospects perceive as their biggest need. 

Like many other companies, our marketing strategy and tactics at Jeanne Reaves Consulting has continued to change and evolve to meet market conditions. However, the core of our marketing strategy remained, which was how can we help our clients grow as leaders, employ powerful, productive, and positive teams, and thrive in the ever-changing work environment. The pandemic gave us time to evaluate the market, listen to where it might go, and to understand what new challenges clients are facing and how we can help. 

Perhaps the most common challenge many of our clients faced in the pandemic was remote working. Leaders were suddenly faced with a new challenge to maintain an engaged team and promote a collaborative company culture, but now with most (or all) employees working from home. Employees quickly became more siloed, new hires were onboarded having never met the team, and even with video platforms communication and how we communicate became infinitely harder. One of our business services, pre-pandemic and now, is to coach team members to work together, to be vulnerable with one another, to hold them accountable, and how self-awareness is a powerful tool for the employee and the larger team. While the core of our business remained the same, how we worked with our clients changed, and likewise, how we marketed these services changed.  

One of our clients, TDM Specialists, Inc., a transportation demand management company, certainly understands how marketing continues to evolve. The company adjusted their overall strategy and tactics to enhance their company brand, which resulted in an increase in busines. Staff members, many of whom currently work from home and are in different departments, quickly realized the importance of communication to deliver projects in a timely manner. TDM is continually working to exceed their clients’ expectations, and their marketing tactics are reflected in the mindset that their clients are always number one. The company’s emphasis on marketing starts at the top with CEO Elizabeth Hughes, who has found that by enhancing the company’s communication skills and adjusting their marketing strategy that they are well primed to carry out all strategic initiatives. 

Looking forward, how will you market your business in 2022? Do you need to make a pivot, or dust off your marketing plan? At Jeanne Reaves Consulting, we specialize in helping you identify your strategic initiatives, and likewise, a complementary marketing plan. Contact us today, for your free evaluation.