Social Distancing but Stay Social!
The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for all of us in one way or another. In these unprecedented and unpleasant times, please know that we - Live Travel - are here for you. We understand your concern and anxiety as the love for travel is certainly the first thing we have in common and although the situation is changing rapidly as we learn more about the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to encourage you to stay calm and more importantly stay in touch.

If you are traveling anywhere domestically or internationally within the next 60 days, we are monitoring the situation and will reach out to you for the best options including re-booking your trip for a later date.

If your travel is on May 11th or later, please consider a wait and see approach for rescheduling your trip. As travel bans, exemptions, and waivers are being issued, the terms and conditions are being updated and typically for the benefit of the clients. We will be able to offer an informed recommendations for you once we are within two weeks of your travel date and more is known about the effects of this pandemic worldwide.

In the meantime, in an effort to contain the coronavirus countries have implemented quarantine and practice of social distancing. The end goal is to flattening the curve , the effect of buying time for the healthcare system to respond adequately to all in need of medical care. The concern is certain in people being infected with COVID-19 but more in everyone becoming ill or developing serious conditions all at the same time. The hospitals likely will not have enough beds, ventilator and respirators for everyone who needs one.

As we go through this difficult time, we can still stay social and connected with one another and the world. We are always available for any questions or concerns.
Below are links to online activities that are offered free of charge.

Whether it is for you or loved ones, we hope these outlets help to keep you engaged and entertained when the days feel long. Challenging time too will pass. Don't forget, hugs and kisses over facetime are not contagious but bring smiles and warm the heart instantly!

  • 100,000 images online from Paris museums for unrestricted public use.


As more information is learned about the coronavirus, scientists around the world are working hard to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.

As travel drops, so is the level of pollution. Mother Earth is healing one country at a time.

Together, we will overcome this challenging time.

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