Not Your Usual Caricature Artist
Vol. 12 No. 4
A Monthly Compendium of Caricatures and Commentary About Them
Years ago, model Kelly LeBrock extolled the virtues of Pantene hair products in a TV ad campaign where she coquettishly intoned "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." Though not quite for the same reasons, I will similarly beseech, "Don't hate me because...I spent the Winter in Florida."
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Edition of Not Your Usual Caricature Artist
from Caricatures by Joel
Now, sure, my wife and I spent time at the beach, in the pool, dining out al fresco, taking greenway and wetlands walks in 75 and 80-degrees temperatures. But, I also took my art materials with me...just in case opportunities came along to ply my craft while away. And, happily, several opportunities indeed came along.
For example, above, I made friends with a fellow who produces a show at local 55-Plus communities, country clubs and public social halls on the history of comedy, with visual and aural references to the old-school likes of Sid Caesar, Mel Brooks, Groucho Marx, Jack Benny and many others. Well, he got married and had me create the above piece which was then displayed for guests at the event, staged in the backyard of his home.
Susan and Marty Leeds are good friends we've gotten to know well over these past two Winters in Boynton Beach, Florida. Valencia Pointe is a 55-Plus community -- a concept ubiquitous throughout Florida (and the Carolinas) -- where the Leeds live and enjoy a very active social life.
Alice and Jack, above, are grandchildren of one of our neighbors in the community where we rented. The neighbor's idea was to give these drawings to the kids' parents -- her daughter and son-in-law -- as a gift on behalf of her own Mother's Day, come May.
Thanks to one of the art gig placement agencies I belong to, I had my geographical region temporarily changed to reflect my being in South Florida. That brought me the opportunity to entertain at a wedding in "horse country" -- Wellington, Florida, at one of the area's fashionable country clubs. Here, above and below, are four of the guests that evening...
In the meantime, out of the blue, I got an e-mail from a friend from my old elementary school! He explained that he has customarily given gifts to family members every Christmas, but wanted to do something uniquely different this time around.

He remembered that I had always drawn cartoons to entertain myself and friends during those halcyon grade school days. So, he Googled me to see if I was even still alive! Then he engaged my services to draw about 16 members of his family. For now, I've done preliminary rough sketches of these folks -- examples here -- each one with a "prop" relating to their interest or career. Throughout the next several weeks, I'll be refining each sketch to make a completed caricature. (Continue, below...)
For instance, the sketch of little Charlie, above, is of my friend's grandson who loves to draw and is a big Star Wars fan...Elena, another grandchild, is currently attending Duke...below her is Chuck, my friend's son-in-law who is on the staff of Forbes magazine, and who once appeared in a production of "Mary Poppins"...and then there is Natalie, my friend's daughter, who had aspirations of going into the theater.

Anyway, it was nice to flee the cold Carolina climate for a good long stretch in the Sunshine State. And it was fulfilling to keep the creative juices flowing at the same time.

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Joel Kweskin