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State Legislatures Expand

Child Care Investments During Their 2023 Sessions

States are wrapping up their legislative sessions with significant investments in kids, helping correct years of underfunding. In our new blog post, we feature the states leading the way, including Minnesota’s $750 million in new revenue for child care and Vermont’s $125 million annual investment to expand child care subsidies. Collectively, new state investments equal nearly $2 billion for children and youth across the country! 

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What's New

Supporting Child Care with American Rescue Plan Dollars

We sat down with Franklin County, OH, commissioner and former Ohio state representative Erica Crawley to discuss how she led Franklin County to allocate

$22.5 million in American Rescue Plan money to support early childhood programs. One method? Create incentive awards for providers to keep their doors open and make scholarships available for families to continue to access programs.

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The Role of State Legislators in Strategic Public Financing

Our new policymaker fact sheet breaks down three steps for how state legislators can support kids through strategic public financing. One of the keys? Make the case for why funding our kids is important! It also spotlights four states that have pursued strategic public financing to help fund children and youth programs.

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In Case You Missed It

Spring 2023 Ballot Measure Round Up

Recent ballot measure wins from the first half of 2023 will generate more than

$30 million annually in dedicated funding for kids, financing child care, early education, youth mental health, and more! Our blog post breaks down these recent wins in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.

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Universal Pre-K Expansion in Boston

We partnered with Boston Public Schools to create a cost model for universal pre-K that includes a new hybrid funding model the city will use to serve all

3- and 4-year-olds. Our new blog post offers lessons for communities looking to create their own cost model.

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Spotlight on Federal Funding

Children and youth ages 0-24 make up 34% of the U.S. population, but only about 3% of all 2022 federal spending targeted that age group. As we look across federal agencies, what do we currently know about where our government prioritizes spending for children and youth? Our new federal funding database has the answers.

The new tool catalogs the purposes and key characteristics of more than 280 federal funding programs that support initiatives from the prenatal stage through young adulthood. This tool can help communities identify additional funding streams for which their states, tribes, or localities might be eligible. 

To learn more, explore the database, read our fact sheet, and watch our introductory webinar.

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