Risk Management Matters: Protecting Customers and Crews
Today’s telecommunications companies face countless risks. Tangible threats lurk on the job site, making stringent safety protocols necessary to protect contractors and their crews. But hard hats won’t do much to protect against cyber threats – another major risk that puts customers in danger. With hackers constantly finding new ways to access data, it is crucial to stay one step ahead. Telcom Insurance Group can help on both fronts, offering trusted solutions to protect companies like yours. Read on to learn more about identifying risk and securing data.

Exposure Explained: Counting Records & Protecting Data
Peter Elliott, TIG President & CEO
Think of all the data you collect and keep, including confidential, personally identifiable information - for both current employees and customers. But what about customers who are no longer current? What about the third-party data that you are responsible for?

The Sharing of Safety Information
Craig Rapp
Staying informed is key to staying safe. Check out these helpful suggestions regarding the sharing of information, whether you’re working with a contractor who’s brand-new or tried and true.
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