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November Newsletter

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney Urges Local Leaders to “Have the

Courage” to Raise Public Money for Kids

This month our CEO Elizabeth Gaines sat down with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney to discuss one of his hallmark achievements: the Philadelphia beverage tax, which has provided approximately $171 million to support quality pre-K programs and $26 million to support community schools. Click below to hear Mayor Kenney’s advice for other local leaders looking for innovative ways to fund programs for children.

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What's New

2022 Ballot Measure Preview

This November election day, voters in six communities will decide whether to collectively dedicate over $260 million of public revenue annually to children and youth. In our 2022 Ballot Measure Preview blog Josh Weinstock breaks down how and where this money will be spent.

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Where Is the Money? Federal Rescue Dollars in Your Community

Two of our American Rescue Plan experts, Kylie Wheeler and Courtney Moore, spoke with Teaching Strategies to explain how states and communities have been using their federal relief funds to help kids. 

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In Case You Missed It

The Role of Local Policymakers in Strategic Public Financing

Mayors, council members, county commissioners, and city administrators are on the forefront of financing programs that serve children from the cradle to a career. Our new fact sheet breaks down how these leaders can support strategic public financing for kids.

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Local Job Opportunity for Strategic Financing

Looking for a local opportunity to work with us? The United Way for Greater Austin is hiring a "Success By 6 Strategic Finance Analysis and Special Project Manager." This is a great opportunity to be part of the growing field of strategic financing that we encourage all communities to pursue.

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Special Focus on Tribal Funding

Join us today (November 2) at 4 p.m. EDT for our webinar “How Emerging Funding Strategies Can Help Tribal Nations Support Child and Youth Programs.” The webinar will provide ideas for creative funding sources to support programs and services for children and youth and examples of creativity in action.

You can view the previous two webinars from this series here:

Additionally, any U.S.-based Indian tribe, band, nation, Pueblo or other organized group or community that is recognized as eligible for services provided to Indians can apply to our new cost model pilot project. Hurry! Applications close November 15. Read more and apply here.

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