How might the "weekend effect" affect your hospice care?
Research shows that on Fridays,
hospitals have the highest number of discharges.
Especially at the holidays,
where do many patients and families want to go?
A happy hospice moment at home with a mom, her daughter, and dogs.
With the "weekend effect," acuity can be higher.
Patients can be sicker.
More might be discharged to your inpatient care.
What does your data show?

What do the Hospice Conditions of Participation say about delivering care over 2018's extra long holiday weekends?
Are your 24-hour on-call staff equipped with
HIPAA compliant telehealth?
Connect more personally than just by phone. Talk with caregivers and patients face-to-face. Convey your warmth and care. Be more present, in the present.
Are your caregivers and families equipped with
24-hour education about ...
Their needs?
Are you interested in Composing Life's HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Technology or 24/7 Video Libraries?
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CEO, Composing Life Out of Loss
What do you see that speaks to you and your hospice's needs?
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