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Where from, Why here, Where going ?
My Testimony by Jonathan L.
Prior to enrolling in FSM I was 30 years into my active addiction. I was brought to a place of complete loneliness, isolation, financial destitution, and very little hope. My addiction completely controlled me and I ruined all of my relationships and my health. I was living in a world full of lies and deception where there was no truth or any that I wanted to see. I was in darkness. I was out of control and the only hope I had left was Christ. I was led to FSM and my journey into recovery began. 
After arriving at FSM the Lord began to heal my heart in ways which I fully don’t understand but to try to put it in some kind of perspective. All I did was cry for the first 4 months of my program. I allowed Christ to heal me by inviting Him into my life. 
Coming to the completion of this season in my life I reflected on how far my behavior and attitude has changed. I am now a person who is not afraid of dealing with situations head on with calmness and clarity instead of anger and confusion. I’m working to establish healthy relationships instead of taking and stealing. I see that now I look to act out of love instead of selfishness. I see myself and my future full of hope and promise and becoming that image bearer that God has designed me to be. I’m going to be a person that helps others in the way in which Fresh Start has helped me through grace, compassion, sternness, but most of all through love. I am thankful for FSM in helping me see myself as Christ sees me and not as a broken lonely person of no hope, but rather a person who is beautifully and wonderfully made. 
My Testimony by Billy W.
Before I got to Fresh Start, I was living in complete denial that I was the one with the problem. In my crazy way of thinking it was everyone else that had a problem. I was drinking every day, to the point of oblivion. In the four months before I got here I got arrested several times. I almost killed the mother of my children in a drunk driving accident. That’s when I decided to get some help and by the grace of God I found Fresh Start. Before getting here I never really had a relationship with Jesus. I started seeing all the miracles that were happening in the lives of the men around me and mine. That started to give me hope and I started to believe that there was a god. I started to open my heart and mind to make a real change. I’m glad that I did because now I have been blessed in life. Thanks to Fresh Start I have learned how to be a godly man that actually loves his family in the right way. I have an overwhelming sense of peace which I owe to God and Fresh Start.  I now have a sense of purpose in life.
My Testimony by Brandon M.
Before I came to Fresh Start I was lost, broken, and without hope. I was homeless wondering where I was going to eat, sleep, or shower, and wondering if today was going to be the day I lose my battle with addiction. I was in a life of misery and torment. The Lord had other plans for me though. I got arrested or as I believe now, rescued. I started to pursue a relationship with the Lord. As my mind started to clear and the more I focused on Him, the more blessed my life became. That’s when the Lord put it on my heart that if I wanted to keep my peace of mind I would have to start dealing with my problems head on. First of which was my struggle with addiction and He made picking Fresh Start as the place for me to start very easy. 
Since being at Fresh start I have made a daily choice to let the Lord into my heart and start the renewing of my mind, the softening of my heart, and ask not what I can do for me but what I can do for my fellow man. I want to best serve the Lord. I now know that I can have a joyous life in abundance if I allow Him to lead, guide, and direct me. I don’t always have to understand, just obey.
My Testimony by Eric B.
I’ve lost the last 35 years to addiction. I was running nonstop from life, with brief moments of sobriety. No human should have to live that way. I did though, and I did it by choice. I’ve had 3 trips to prison, 32 arrests, I’ve been in fights, homelessness, loss of loved ones, and doing things for dope or money that no one would ever be proud of. Before coming to Fresh Start I had some sobriety under my belt but even I knew it was just a matter of time before that would stop. I was in prison serving a 1 year sentence when I was seeking help from anywhere, that’s when I was able to truly find God. He got me though the death of my fiancé and then led me to Fresh Start. Since coming here I have learned so much about myself and found I still had a lot to work on. I was forced to face my core issues that led to this mess of mine. I learned to forgive myself and others whether I wanted to or not. I was able to get closer to God. My sobriety isn’t just based on things going well in my life, but on God. I now have more tools to deal with the bad days, the tough days, or any day for that matter. I don’t have “this,” but God does. As long as I give it to Him every day, every minute, and every second then I will be sober today.
My Testimony by James O.
Before coming to FSM I was completely lost. I had damaged several relationships and had nowhere else to run to. The Lord closed all of the doors that I had wanted to run to. Thankfully I was able to come back to FSM and complete what I had started before. The Lord was able to heal me of the guilt and shame that had weighed me down for years. God gave me the courage to deal with the hurts in my life that I never wanted to deal with. Today I am able to recognize and deal with negative thoughts and other life struggles that arrive in my daily life without the use of drugs and alcohol. I have been given peace that I am truly grateful for.   
My Testimony by John M.
I came to Fresh Start in search of counseling and a way out of the grip of alcohol. I found once I started to receive help from my counselor and the classes I was no longer bound by the terrible things I’ve dealt with before. God has given his love and grace to the ones who will receive it. I was in no shape to understand this before I surrendered my own will. FSM is more than a place to come and detox or sober up. It is, and has been, an enlighten journey spiritually and relationally. I gave up my old ways and accepted a better way through Jesus. Fresh Start has been rewarding and a real blessing from Day 1.   
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January 7th
Addicts : (Step One) “ We admitted that we were powerless over our dependencies – That our life had become unmanageable. "
Family : Step One Teaching
Alumni: Step One Teaching

January 14th
Addict: Understanding and preparing for Step One
Family: Understanding and preparing for Step One
Alumni: Understanding and preparing for Step One

January 21st
Addicts: Working Step One
Family: Working Step One
Alumni: Working Step One

January 28th
All Groups Combined for Graduation: Brandon M., Billy W., Eric B., Jonathan L., John M., and James O. 
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