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We are settling into a new normal and learning to adapt to the new reality of a Covid world that is here to stay much longer than ever imagined. Joseph Vanden-Eynden, President and Managing Director of Sprimag Inc, shares in our One-on-One interview that embracing change has been key to successfully navigate the crisis. In this article you will learn about Sprimag USA and how early on, he and his team adopted digitalization in order to support their clients remotely.

Building a bridge into the future and looking beyond the 2019 pandemic, Thorsten Schroeder, Altix new partner in Corporate Development, states that now is the time to assess the new business world and new opportunities. Thorsten suggests that middle-market companies should consider bringing in Corporate Development capabilities and cross functional coordination strategy to drive growth and strategic partnerships and he is excited to help companies in this endeavor.

To serve our clients seamlessly across functions, markets and geographies, the Altix global team is expanding. We share our exciting journey spanning 3 continents as we welcome Dr. Hong Zhou who is based in Shanghai, China. We invite you to learn more about our partners and locations and to contact us to schedule a meet & great digital coffee with members of our global team.

As the amplifier for industry champions, Altix brings decades of operational excellence and a wealth of expertise and resilience to industry leaders. As a company, Altix also greatly values the expertise of senior advisors and today we are delighted to welcome Daniel Wachter who joins the Altix Board of Advisors. 

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One on One with Joseph Vanden-Eynden, President and Managing Director, SPRIMAG, Inc.
Each quarter we sit down with industry executives and thought leaders to discuss the trends, challenges, and best practices that are transforming their businesses. Today, we are with Joseph Vanden Eynden, President and Managing Director of Sprimag Inc. to discuss how Sprimag delivers innovative painting and surface treatment application solutions to its US and global customers.

Altix Supports Industry Champions Compete Globally
Altix continues its rapid international expansion to support its clients across markets and continents. Launched in 2018 in North America, Altix established its European headquarters in Strasbourg, France in 2019 welcoming strategic partners in key markets including Ireland and Germany.

The momentum picks up in 2020 with exciting activities in Asia and the launch of Altix' presence in China, welcoming Dr. Zhou to the Altix team.

Now, more than ever, middle-market industry champions growing and competing on a global scale, need seamless international strategies coupled with a pragmatic approach and support. Altix Partners around the world are senior industry executives who bring decades of operational excellence and a wealth of expertise and resilience to industry leaders.

Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with an Altix Partner.
Altix Partners with Scandinavian firm Oy YBAS Ab
Altix is proud to announce its partnership with Oy YBAS Ab, a Vaasa Finland, based boutique consulting firm specialized in international market entry and development for middle market Nordic companies.

The Altix Consulting and YBAS partnership offers middle-market companies from both sides of the Atlantic, a coordinated and seamless experience in the planning and execution of their international market entry and expansion projects. In country, multi-lingual and seasoned business advisors, experienced working in multi-cultural environments, bring knowledge and robust business networks to help accelerate international market entry projects while reducing the risks associated with international expansions.

Altix Welcomes New Strategic Partners

Altix is delighted to welcome two new Strategic Partners to its team of seasoned industry executives and senior advisors, offering new expertise and establishing its first footprints in Asia to serve seamlessly its clients' international operations and ambitions.
Building a Bridge into the Future: 

How Corporate Development brings critical elements together for future design and planning

By Thorsten Schroeder - Altix Partner Corporate Development

Altix Launches Digital Academy:

Lean Management Suite
The global economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is driving strong demand for cost reduction initiatives and for efficiency. As world economies stall, and production activities remain low, now is the time to evaluate the strength of your organization's fundamentals and lead the necessary changes to prepare for a post-crisis competitive ramp-up.

Adapting to the new Covid-19 health measures and safe distancing realities, we are pleased to introduce the Altix Digital Academy. This remote learning offers live access and teaching from world class experts and practitioners available to your team privately or in public virtual sessions.

Business Intelligence
for Smart Industry Champions

Le Cercle [digital] Executive Roundtable
09 - 18 - 2020

From strategy and finance to supply chain and operations over marketing, product management and R&D resource allocations, no longer are decisions made without being supported by solid analysis and supporting decision models.

Now more than ever, allocating resources effectively and efficiently is critical to ensure corporate fitness and a strong competitiveness. This peer Executive Roundtable will facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices on this important topic.

 Le Cercle Executive Roundtable is a private forum where global leaders engage with peers in stimulating exchange on the challenges faced by industry champions. Please contact for details and invitation.

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