July 28, 2022

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Results from Our Recent Survey

Would a foot ferry between Bremerton and Bainbridge Island help your business?
In a recent survey conducted across the Kitsap Chambers of Commerce, 46% of responding business leaders in the Central Kitsap region (primarily Bremerton and Silverdale) indicated that a fast ferry option from Bremerton would help them.
In all, across more than 200 respondents, about 55% of those outside Central Kitsap thought the ferry service would help their business.
While a fast ferry service from Bainbridge to Bremerton is just one of the new intra-county transportation ideas being proposed, the survey results indicate merit for further investigation as part of a larger multi-modal community transit plan. 
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What Fed Rate Increases Mean for Mortgages, Credit Cards and More
Originally published in the New York Times; published in the Seattle Times, July 27, 2022
Photo Credit: Seth Wenig/The Associated Press

As the Federal Reserve has lifted its key interest rate, Americans have seen the effects on both sides of the household ledger: Savers benefit from higher yields, but borrowers pay more.


4 Powerful Ways the Chamber Provides Solutions for Small Business Owners
In a recent survey by Daysmart Software, 54% of small business owners admitted to being worried about making enough money. Making money is a common concern because not only does it factor in bringing in enough clients or customers but also ensuring your products or services are priced right and negotiating any cash flow problems.

Small business owners have lots of stressors as they follow their dreams. It might surprise you just how much the chamber can help with these concerns. 


Washington Hospitality: What You Need to Know

Heroes Golf Tournament: August 12, 2022
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