Temperature and IRt/c's affect your life everyday..........

From the minute you roll out of bed in the morning to the time you hit the sack at night, your life is affected by IRt/c's. Read more to find out how........


You fire up the coffee machine, warm up the shower, warm up your car, check the local weather to see what the temperature is, so you know what to wear. Temperature is measured everywhere. The shirt you put on was manufactured at a textile mill that uses a thermal drying process.3xpaper You pick up the local newspaper that was just delivered from a hot printing press. You put some cold milk (which uses a thermal process to pasteurize with an IRt/c)  in your cereal that was also processed by using a drying process. You hit the road, and you are sitting in traffic because there is a road crew patching up some asphalt that is heated and measured with an IRt/c. Your car just came back from the shop and the quarter panel had to be painted using an infrared curing process that uses an IRt/c. You stop at the ATM for some cash and that bank is tied into a data center that has multiple reliable IRt/c's constantly monitoring the electrical system so it doesn't go down and stop the bank from making money. You get into the office and turn on your PC. The microprocessor inside was thermally bonded using a machine that has an IRt/c in it. The phone rings and is reliable because the phone company uses an Exergen microscanner to inspect it's equipment.



 It's lunch time and you hit the local cafe. You order a turkey club sandwich, there is a company using microscanners and Exergen Dermatemps to  measure the turkey egg temperature in the


hatchery. The bread they put that meat on is processed using a dough mixing machine that has an IRt/c in it. The lettuce they slap on there was grown on a farm that uses IRt/c's for irrigation control.  You pay for your sandwich with a bill that was printed by a press that has web drying using IRt/c's. You head back to the office and you see a trailer on the road hauling a race car. That race car is using IRt/c's to monitor the temperature of the tires to increase performance. You get back into the office and log onto your computer, the plastic mouse attached to your PC was molded with an IRt/c monitoring the injection molding machine. The day goes on and you look out the window to see if it's going to rain, the glass was processed using an IRt/c to monitor it's temperature.  



You have a list of goods to pick up at the grocery store on the way home. You pick up a 12 pack of your favorite beverage, some diapers for the baby, and the adhesive is holding the packages


together thanks to the

Infrared Thermal Inspection of the Exergen SnakeEye thermal switch.  You also pick up a pack of smokes (

which you planned on quitting years ago), the tobacco is dried out using an IRt/c in that process. Before you hit the homestead you stop to visit your grandma at the nursing home, she has a portable bedside blood analysis system to check her blood and that blood is heated with an IRt/c measuring it's temperature as it gets to 37C. As you leave there, you put the radio on in the car, to catch the beginning of Monday Night Football and you hear the Game Time Temperature brought to you by Exergen, and they remind you to go to www.gametimetemperature.com to win a free Exergen TemporalScanner thermometer.  It's dinner time and you pull a piece of chicken out of the freezer. The chicken temperature is checked at the factory using IRt/c's to assure the product is not contaminated.    You cook your chicken in the oven at 350F and kick back to watch some TV. You grab a bag of potato chips that have been baked using IRt/c's in the process and the ink on the package was dried using IRt/c's as you wait for dinner.  After dinner you take an aspirin from a bottle that was sealed using the SnakeEye thermal switch and you hit the sack and get a good night's rest, after a long day! 


Now the next day you'll be thinking more and more about how our products are used in your daily activities. Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter.

Bob Harris
Exergen Corporation
Industrial Division Sales Manager
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