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Elizabeth Jackson, Partner with Delfino Madden O'Malley Coyle & Koewler, understands that after identifying her client's needs and the needs of her practice, it is then you can build an effective marketing strategy.
Client Spotlight: A Q&A With Delfino Madden O'Malley Coyle & Koewler
We recently had an opportunity to sit down with one of our clients, Elizabeth Jackson, where she shared her personal experiences and benefits of working with Jeanne Reaves Consulting. We hope you enjoy learning more about Elizabeth, the law firm Delfino Madden O'Malley Coyle & Koewler, and the successes we achieved together. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and Delfino Madden O'Malley Coyle & Koewler (Delfino Madden LLP).  

A: I  am a business and commercial real estate attorney with extensive experience representing banks, equity funds, regional business and individuals. My finance practice includes advising clients (both lenders and borrowers) on a variety of lending transactions, including commercial mortgage loans, mezzanine financing, and restructurings. In addition, I routinely counsel clients with respect to joint ventures, complex commercial agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance. I also advise clients related to the acquisition, lease, and sale of commercial real property. Prior to practicing law, I was a commercial lender and was responsible for managing, growing and restructuring debt arrangements within a portfolio of $800 Million. 

Delfino Madden LLP is a full-service business law firm that provides big firm experience, with small firm agility. The attorneys at Delfino Madden LLP serve as trusted advisors, recognized by our clients for our commitment and ability in handling and solving the most complex corporate, transactional, real estate, employment, general litigation, and family law matters. We bring an entrepreneurial, common sense, and client-focused approach to each matter entrusted to us.  

Q: Why did you decide to employ Jeanne Reaves Consulting (JRC)? Tell us about your experience working with JRC, and the services you utilized.

A: Before engaging Jeanne Reaves Consulting, I had been marketing both myself and our firm in the local marketplace, but had reached a plateau. Engaging Jeanne Reaves Consulting has allowed me to focus my marketing efforts that would most benefit from my expertise and the agility of the firm that I work in. We have been able to do this based on recommendations from Jeanne on marketing strategies and using business-centric technology platforms to target specific sectors of the Sacramento business community that are more likely to benefit from our law firms services. Working with Jeanne to set marketing goals and a strategy to meet those goals has taken me out of my comfort zone and provided a path to further business expansion.  Working with Jeanne provided me, and our firm, with accountability for our marketing plan and to help us prioritize our marketing efforts. Since working with Jeanne, I have seen a significant increase in new clients and referral sources that allows me to continue to grow my law practice, but also continue to provide the services to my existing clients that they have come to expect.

Q: What was the most valuable outcome for you and your business as a result?

A: As a result of working with Jeanne on the marketing of both my practice and our law firm, we have developed tools and processes internally to better follow-up with prospective clients, existing clients and referral sources.  We have increased our visibility in the marketplace, and found better ways to communicate the successes of our clients with our community.

Q: How did working with Jeanne help you define your focus moving forward? 

A: Working with Jeanne has provided me with insights into the Sacramento business community that I otherwise would not have. Her experience and community engagement provides her with a unique perspective in this community. This insight and experience helped me to set goals on an individual level and an enterprise level.  Meeting with Jeanne assists me in strategizing on how to meet the goals I have set, and prioritize the strategies that will lead to that success.  Meeting with Jeanne on a monthly basis holds me accountable in my marketing efforts so that I am able to meet the goals that I have set forth myself, and achieve the success that I am working towards.  

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

A: Jeanne genuinely cares about her clients and their success. Through her strategies, guidance and responsiveness, she has helped me to focus my law practice and grow it as I continue to grow as a partner at Delfino Madden LLP.

Are you interested in learning more about our services? Contact us today, for a free consultation! 

How Critical Is A Marketing Plan?

When conducting a strategic planning session with companies or individuals looking to expand their business, we often discover that a marketing plan has not been created. While they may be doing marketing related tasks, a clear vision that specifies where they want to go does not exist. If there is not a roadmap, then how can your team achieve the results you desire without your aspirations clearly defined?
Is this you? Is this your company?  
Successful marketing starts with a strong marketing plan. A plan that is realistic, one you can follow, and that measures success.
Whether you are a small company creating your first marketing plan, or a global corporation identifying new strategies, a marketing plan is critical to your success. 
Like a strategic plan, which your marketing plan ultimately becomes a part of, you will outline your marketing activities for the coming year and beyond.
Here a few things to consider:
1. What is it that you want to accomplish? 

2. What is your strategy to get to where you want to go? Would performing a marketing SWOT analysis help you to better understand what goals and strategies you should consider?

3. What clients do you have that may need additional services? Do you know? If not, ask them! 

4. What clients can refer you business? Ask and you may be surprised!

5. Who is your target audience? Where are they geographically located?

6. Do you need to further develop your brand? If so, how will you do this?

7. What is your social media strategy? 

8. What will you do to give back to the community?

9. How are you using your website? What's the goal for your website?

10. Are you harnessing the power of SEO?

11, Should you consider an outside marketing company to assist you once you have quantified the journey you want to take?
These are just a few important questions you will want to consider when making quantifiable marketing goals. Remember: when completing your marketing plan, don't forget to make a list of your goals with tactics, time for completion, who is responsible to get each goal accomplished (this may be more than one person), and to set your marketing budget.
Like a strategic plan, the work you go through to make a great plan is nothing if you don't hold yourself and your team responsible to get it accomplished. It should be visited no less than quarterly in order to hold yourself accountable.

Need some help when it comes to goal setting, strategic and/or marketing planning for your organization? This is one of our specialties at Jeanne Reaves Consulting. Don't wait; reach out today! 

Notable Nonprofits

Supporting Sacramento's nonprofits is  important  to us

A Smithsonian Affiliate located in Old Sacramento State Historic Park, the California State Railroad Museum is a must-visit destination perfect for everyone from young children to the young-at-heart. Working in close partnership with the Railroad Museum and California State Parks, the California State Railroad Museum Foundation is dedicated to generating revenue and awareness (often through special fundraising events and experiences) while supporting the preservation, interpretation and promotion of our railroad heritage. 

With the area's only historic and authentic train rides, full-scale vintage locomotives, tiny toy trains, compelling exhibits and much more, guests can experience 150 years of railroad history in a single afternoon. Designed to be a "laboratory of learning," a number of interactive exhibits on display inside the impressive museum help to amplify the experience and demonstrate how railroads continue to impact our daily lives. In particular, guests are encouraged to experience two interpretive exhibit areas that were recently enhanced in honor of the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, including: the Chinese Workers' Experience exhibit  that showcases and shares stories of Chinese railroad workers who were essential in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad ; and the Gold Spike exhibit area that showcases a newly acquired engraved gold oval locket made from the excess gold sprue left over after the casting of the gold spikes that is in addition to the priceless "lost" Gold Spike, the famous "Last Spike" painting by Thomas Hill that are also on display.

Guests can also venture just outside the museum to take an excursion train ride behind an authentic and historic vintage steam or diesel locomotive (depending on the weekend) as it rides the rails along the Old Sacramento Waterfront. Train ride guests delight in the sights, smells and sounds of an authentic, historic locomotive as it rolls along the levees of the Sacramento River for a six-mile, 45-minute roundtrip excursion.  Appealing to all ages, the experience offers guests the chance to enjoy train travel from an earlier era. The train features a combination of vintage closed coaches with comfortable seats, open-air "gondolas" with bench style seating or VIP train ride experiences onboard one of three of the California State Railroad Museum's first class cars (depending on the weekend), including: the El Doradolounge observation car, the Audubon dining car or the French Quarter lounge car from the 1950s that served the famed Southern Pacific "Sunset Limited" service.

For more information about the California State Railroad Museum or Foundation, and/or to reserve advance excursion train ride tickets, please visit www.californiarailroadmuseum.

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