Good morning Austin!

We recently had a fantastic experience at the 3rd Annual Roy Hall Jr. Leadership Conference in Columbus, OH last week! Eight members of our team had the privilege of attending, and it was an incredible opportunity for growth and learning.

The conference was rich with insights and strategies on building trust within the team, achieving work-life balance, and cultivating a strong organizational culture. One of the highlights was having former Ohio State Head Football Coach Jim Tressel take the stage for over an hour. His message resonated deeply, especially his powerful reminder: "The greatest impact you will have is ahead of you."

We believe in actively finding ways to empower our team to grow as leaders. It's crucial for us to provide as many opportunities as possible for personal and professional development. Getting outside the city and investing in our people is a cornerstone of our mission.


We are grateful for the opportunity to build our team and foster unity through events like the Roy Hall Jr. Leadership Conference. These experiences are invaluable in helping us grow stronger together.

We encourage you to keep investing in your people Austin and supporting each other in making a difference.

The WORTH Center Team

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