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Appliance Color, Style, and Size Can Help Define Your Kitchen Design 
Designing your kitchen is a project that requires a lot of planning and decision making before you begin. Planning your project down to the last detail is crucial for success. After all, your kitchen is the room that your family probably spends the most time in. It's where you prepare for your day and share breakfast, a gathering spot when entertaining family and friends, where you prepare your meals, and where you share the stories of your day. Add that your kitchen is also one of the most significant factors for winning over prospective home buyers, and you begin to understand why planning is so important!

One of the critical decisions you'll make when creating your kitchen design revolves around your appliances. It's a smart choice to pick the highest-quality appliances you can afford based on both their functionality and their appearance. Because they will last for years and are a significant investment, it's essential that they not only suit your taste but that they work with your kitchen design.

Your appliances' finish and style are more visible than any extras they might have inside them, like that fancy ice maker in the fridge that produces round ice. In fact, your choice of appliance color, size, and style can change and define the look of your kitchen. Here's a guide to help you make the best kitchen design choices for your appliances when remodeling your space. 
Choosing Kitchen Appliances
Today, homeowners have more choices than ever before regarding style, features, quality, and technology. Selecting the best appliances for your kitchen can be a bit overwhelming. Working with an appliance professional can help. They will help guide you through choosing the right appliances to meet your functional and aesthetic needs.  Creating a wish list and doing your research before shopping for appliances can make the process easier, ensuring a stylish and functional kitchen that meets your family's lifestyle needs.

Layout and Budget
Whether you're just replacing existing appliances or creating an entirely new kitchen design, your kitchen layout will determine the appliances you need to purchase. Consider how you'll use your kitchen and the flow and traffic patterns, along with architectural and structural restraints. Ultimately your layout can either enhance or limit the appliances you are able to purchase.

Your budget will also influence the appliances you select, so it needs to be realistic for your project's scope and goals. This can also affect the look of your kitchen. For example, commercial-style professional grade appliances will give you a completely different look than choosing new-retro appliances for a mid-century modern look.

Making the Connection Between Lifestyle and Functionality
When planning and designing your new kitchen, along with the budget, you'll also want to take into account your family's lifestyle. Your CHW designer can help you create a kitchen design that incorporates functionality based on how your family lives and how you entertain.

Think about your current kitchen and what you like, love, and hate about it. Then think about how you might use your kitchen in the future and what should change. If you love to entertain, you might want to consider adding specialty appliances like a wine refrigerator or set of warming drawers.

Think about your needs. Try to get hands-on with appliances you're considering. Ergonomics and functionality are essential and can also affect the look of your kitchen. For example, you may want to consider a gas range that offers larger time and temperature displays or other tactical features that improve both form and function. 
Once you've determined your kitchen layout, budget, and the level of functionality to meet your lifestyle, it's time to choose a style to meet your aesthetic goals. For example, built-in appliances can give you a sleek finish customized to match your design. Maybe you're looking for options and flexibility in your design. Freestanding units can be easily moved when necessary. Or, if you're looking for a more integrated design, counter-depth appliances are a great choice. What you lose in storage, you gain in appearance.

When designing your kitchen, you have two options in terms of the actual installation. Flush or proud. Flush units are level with their surroundings and tend to blend into your design. Proud appliances tend to be more defined and can create a strong visual focal point in your kitchen design.
The right size, shape, and installation of your appliances can literally transform your kitchen design. 

The finish you choose sets the tone for your kitchen remodeling. Today, homeowners and designers have a large selection of colors and finishes to choose from when it comes to appliances. Stainless appliances are still a trendy choice. They offer a timeless appeal and can fit into almost any kitchen design style. Stainless also works with any color palette. Its clean shine can bring light into an otherwise dark design. In general, metal finishes are on-trend, with stainless bronze gaining popularity and giving a modern twist to a timeless look. Stainless black is also on-trend. It's a great way to unite a color scheme and is an elegant finish that adds drama.

Adding Color
If you're looking to add personality and "pop" to your design, nothing beats bold colors in a white or neutral design. For the past few years, the retro-pastel look has been trendy, with pale 60s colors like seafoam green and robin's egg blue becoming popular choices. This year, primary colors have overtaken the pastel trend. It's a great way to add a themed color if you commit to it. Alternatively, rather than a theme, try selecting a colorful appliance that stands on its own and makes a statement like a hand-painted hood or a hammered copper finish.

If you want your appliances to disappear into your design, paneled appliances are the way to go. Paneled appliances blend in with your kitchen cabinets. They are designed to accept a cabinet panel so that they appear to be just another cabinet. It's a great look in a smaller kitchen or if you are seeking a luxurious, cohesive, sleek look.

Finally, black and white are currently on-trend, especially in a modern design when combined with stainless steel accents. If you want an understated look for your appliances, traditional black or white is a great look. White gives your kitchen a crisp, unified look in a monochromatic all-white design. At the same time, black appliances provide a focal point.

The Takeaway
No matter what your aesthetic, CHW can create the perfect kitchen design to showcase your personal style. With so many options to choose from when selecting appliances, the best solution is to spend some time defining your layout, budget, functional needs, and design style before spending "hands-on-time" with potential choices. The kitchen appliances you ultimately choose and how you install them can drastically affect your kitchen design. Your appliances can set the design style, create a visual focal point, or fade into the background allowing your overall design to project a cohesive and unified look. Ultimately the choice is yours. Work closely with your CHW designer, and they can educate you about your options and help you make the perfect choice to meet your functional and aesthetic needs.
Display Spotlight!
Carolina Closets has been a great addition to the CHW family of brands. They are the best solution for a custom-built, well organized space! This new display in our showroom is just a spattering of the available options we can do in a custom closet. They offer a huge array of colors, accessories, hardware and options to give your closet space a true "custom" look and feel that is just right for you and your needs. CLICK HERE to see more photos of this awesome display on Facebook or Instagram. Whether you are looking for a way to store your shoes, belts, jewelry, or other accessories, Carolina Closets has an accessory that is just right for you. You can also see this awesome new display in person by, contacting us today to schedule a design consultation and to see all that Carolina Closets and CHW has to offer!
This Month's Feature Recipe
Potato Leek Au Gratin
Potatoes and leeks sauteed in butter, three kinds of cheese, whole milk and heavy cream... It’s a fool-proof recipe for happy faces at the dinner table this holiday season!

  • 4 tbsp Butter
  • 1 1/2 cups Whole milk
  • 1 cup Heavy cream
  • 3 Large garlic cloves finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp Stone ground mustard
  • 1/4 tsp Freshly grated nutmeg
  • 3/4 tbsp Kosher salt
  • 1 tsp Freshly ground pepper
  • 2 oz Blue cheese
  • 6 oz Grated gruyere cheese
  • 2 oz Freshly grated parmesan cheese
  • 3 lb Leek, white and light green portions, washed and sliced into 1/4 inch rings
  • 2 lb Russet potatoes (3-4 medium), peeled and cubed into 3/4 inch pieces
  • 3 tbsp Minced fresh chives

  1. Position a rack in the center of the oven and heat the oven to 400°F. Grease a 9x13-inch baking dish or a large cast iron skillet with butter.
  2. In 12 inch nonstick skillet over medium heat, melt the butter. Add the leeks, stirring until leeks are completely coated. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, until the leeks are tender, about 20 minutes. Add the milk, cream, blue cheese, garlic, mustard, nutmeg, salt and pepper and simmer uncovered. Stir the mixture occasionally, until slightly thickened, about 15 minutes. Be careful not to let boil. Remove from heat, and allow to cool.
  3. In a large bowl mix the gruyere and parmesan cheese.
  4. Layer one third of the potatoes in the baking dish or skillet. Pour one third of the leek mixture over the top. Sprinkle one third of grated cheese and 1 tbsp of chives. Repeat to make two more layers reserving the last laying of chives.
  5. Cover Au Gratin with foil and bake for 45 minutes. Remove cover and continue baking until potatoes are completely tender when poked with fork and the crust is golden brown, about 30 more minutes. Allow to sit for 15 minutes after removing from oven. Garnish with reserved chives and serve.
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