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We have been requested by readers to continue the conversation on the imperative question: What is the proper relationship between human intelligence and machine intelligence in light of Ahriman's incarnation.

We would like to thank the many contributors who have shared with us their deep research on this topic. We also thank MysTech and the other groups who are grappling with this question and helping guide those who wish to consciously address the evil inherent in machine intelligence into fruitful conversations and initiatives.
Tyla and Douglas Gabriel

5G and the Effects on Life 

All plants and animals, as well as humans, have adapted to the earth's electromagnetic fields, which include a direct current (DC) magnetic field, a DC electrical field, and low-frequency Schumann Resonances (natural fields that are both electric and magnetic, caused by the geometry of the earth's surface and the ionosphere near the top of the atmosphere)."

"To navigate in relation to these fields and to control their immune systems, birds and bees use magnetically sensitive substances called cryptochromes. These are protein pigments found in virtually all animals, plants, and many bacteria. Cryptochromes measure light to control and reset animals' and plants' biological clocks. Some animals also use cryptochomes to sense (or "see") the direction of the earth's magnetic field. 

Cryptochromes are badly impaired by human-made oscillating electro-magnetic fields, disrupting insects' and animals' solar and magnetic navigation abilities, likely leading to results such as bee colony collapse, loss of migratory birds and butterflies, and a weakening of the immune system.

For example, radio-frequency radiation (RFR) can blot out a bird's perception of the earth's field, causing the bird (or insect) to fly in the wrong direction, and also disrupt a bird's internal clock based on the sun's changing position. Birds often leave the areas for many hundreds of feet around cell towers and antennas.

Rudolf Steiner on the Effects of Radiant Electricity and Electromagnetic Technology

This article on is an amazing collection of quotes from Steiner about electricity, Ahriman, and the effects of machines upon the human spirit. The article is very lengthy, so please click on the link below to access this collection of Steiner quotes on the technological issue of our day. Then make sure to share this post with everyone in your study group or spiritual circle of friends and colleagues.

Antidoting EMFs and 5G

We continue to update this post where we provide you with remedies and solutions to 5G, EMFs, and the effects of everyday technology.

Conquering Ahriman  

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Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutritional Diet   

Long-time readers will recognize this mention of our comprehensive nutritional protocol that we use in clearing and balancing our chakra areas. From bringing consciousness to the water you are drinking to understanding the health needs for each chakra area, practitioners learn to create ambrosia for the hierarchy which occurs in the crown chakra once your kundalini force is awakened. 

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Remember how rudimentary our first newsletter was as we began to build a digital platform that some readers fondly call "the Mothership"? We knew what we were building and we knew that it would take several years. We needed YOU as our witnesses to watch the process over the years, brick by digital brick, book by book, websites, audios, articles, citizen intelligence reports.  

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There are countless doorways to enter the Temple of Sophia. You might find your way from reading an article about 5G or find our special recipe for colloidal silver water. But once you cross the bridge from this world of material and matter into Sophia's realm of potential and possibility, you may never want to stop exploring the virtual space we have created and continue to expand. 

We don't want you to get lost, so below is a "map" of this virtual space...kind of like a hang out for spiritual seekers. Please help others find their way so that we can awaken our brothers and sisters around the world. 

Please show them a door that resonates with their own place of consciousness and let Sophia's synchronicity lead them to the next place in their journey. 

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