Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
Houston, we have a solution
Hurricane Harvey caused extensive damage to the greater Houston area. While many of us saw the news clips of homeowner paddling by kayak or canoe to their homes, the damage also took its toll on many businesses. One business, a large petroleum refinery, needed to replace the entire flooring in its laboratory due to water damage.They chose FreeStyle BioLock as its replacement flooring over 20,000 square feet.

Unlike it’s flooring predecessor, FreeStyle BioLock employs our interlocking technology and requires no messy adhesives. Now, we are not saying FreeStyle tiles could survive a hurricane of Harvey’s magnitude. But we have had customer who suffered water damage and simply took the tiles out, power-washed them, let them dry and reinstalled. So, it’s possible.

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Laboratory installation
One of the many reasons labs love our FreeStyle BioLock tiles is no downtime during installation. Check out the video on the left for a demonstration. 
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