A Note from Scott and Marsha
August 15, 2019
Who's the wizard behind the indoor plant curtain? Who makes the magic happen? Who is literally causing you to flock into the store and leave every single time with ANOTHER indoor house plant? WHO IS FEEDING OUR ADDICTION?  JUDY.  

It's her.  Forget the fact that she is adorable with her bright smile and cute little ponytail swinging along behind her. Forget that she will make you instantly feel at home like only she can. It's ALL her fault. She is to blame for the amazing selection and variety, even down to hand-picking our recent supply of succulents just so you and I could have more unique choices. It's her fault that I was ridiculed once again by my teenage sons for coming home with ANOTHER large floor plant to add to my already over-populated plant space. I can't count the number of times they throw their hands in the air and say, "Seriously? Where are you going to put THAT?"  

And I'm not the only addict around here. Amanda can't walk into the garden center without coming back with another plant. She is absolutely obsessed with it. Hannah handpicked terrariums for the kid's class early and enjoyed them sitting on her desk just to be sure they were perfect. If you ask Viridian how she feels about house plants, she absolutely loves them because they are easy to care for. She enjoys them on her desk and she always remembers to water them when needed. Doug prefers outdoor plants because he says his outdoor plants have a fighting chance! LOL! He has a love/hate relationship with them since his wife loves them. Ann, Julia and Sean at the garden center? It's just LOVE.  

Don't miss Judy's weekly favorite house plant in our newsletter. Our staff is waiting and ready to help you brighten your indoor space with new gorgeous pottery arriving mid-August as well as new plants arriving bi-weekly! Here is your challenge: stop by and see if you can leave without one. Seriously. Don't make us feel alone in our obsession. We need you to make the rest of us feel better about our issues!  
You only have a couple of weeks left to take advantage of Tropical Tuesday ! Tropical Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to fill your home with houseplants for less! All of our houseplants are 10% OFF every Tuesday in July and August.
If you are looking for a lovely, no-fuss houseplant, Judy promises you can't go wrong with a Sansevieria, or "Snake Plant". These are the kind of plant you can set it and forget it. Sansevieria prefer medium to bright light, but they can also tolerate low light. They are succulents, so they require very little water. Water when soil is completely dry, and these beauties should be great performers!
We get it...temps aren't cool yet, but they will be! And cool season veggie planting time is upon us! Toscano Kale, also known as Dinosaur Kale, is just one of the veggies arriving this Friday ready to plant in your garden! We will have cauliflower, broccoli, collards, other kale varieties, and more for your Fall planting needs! We also have a large variety of seeds to choose from as well!
Last week we featured the unique foliage of the 'Night Moves' Loropetalum, but this week we are putting the popular 'Ruby' Loropetalum in the spot light. This quickly growing shrub is an excellent choice for screening or in a hedge. The bright, dark pink blooms in the spring and summer add little bursts of color, and the purple foliage is gorgeous all year long. Loropetalum are easy to prune and care for.

Come learn about a garden or plant-related topic, create a themed craft, enjoy a snack and a walk around the Garden Center.

Next Event:
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Cost: $5 per participant

For more information, check out our Kids' Event page ! Or register here !

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 

Come learn about the benefits and methods of using essential oils for your garden and houseplants. You will also receive an organic pesticide and organic gardener's hand soap made with essential oils as well as the recipes to make these products on your own! We will provide a complimentary glass of wine or hard cider and light snacks. The bar will be open if you would like to purchase additional beverages or a bottle of wine to take home. Come enjoy an educational and fun evening in the beauty of our Garden Center after hours.  Space is limited--only 30 spots available.  Payment is required at time of registration to secure your spot.

Cost: $20
Presenter: Kelly, Essential Oils Guru
Registration deadline: August 17

REGISTER HERE . For questions, email lynn@fgsdurham.com.
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