February E-Perspective Newsletter
RCP Fenway Fun
By Lauren McNealy

My family and I were able to join in on the Fenway Fun day and we had an absolute blast. My father joined us because an extra hand is always a good thing. For the tour it was my six year old son, my four year old daughter and my two year old daughter. My family and I are huge Red Sox fans, so being able to see Fenway, with an empty stadium was pretty magnificent! We were able to see parts of this amazing park that we would never ordinarily see, just by going to a game.
Our RCP is an awesome organization that we've been involved with for quite some time. The events and different fun activities that are planned, for the very special families involved, never disappoint.  My family and I feel so blessed to have the resources and connections we have, through these amazing programs and organizations. We've made great friends and have met some pretty amazing people along the way.
Thank you for bringing so much joy to our family. We are very much looking forward to the next fun event!
RCP Fenway Fun
Por Lauren McNealy

¿ Mi familia y yo pudimos der parte del Fenway Fun y la pasamos de maravilla. Nos acompañó mi padre porque tener un colaborador más siempre viene bien. A la excursión fuimos con mi hijo de seis años, mi hija de cuatro y mi otra hija de dos años. Mi familia y yo somos fanáticos de los Red Sox; así que el hecho de poder visitar el Fenway Park totalmente vacío fue maravilloso. Pudimos ver partes de este increíble campo de béisbol que comúnmente no se ven al ir a un partido.
La RCP es una organización asombrosa en la que hemos estado participando desde hace ya un tiempo. Los eventos y las diferentes actividades de esparcimiento que se planifican para las familias especiales involucradas nunca decepcionan.  Mi familia y yo nos sentimos privilegiados de los recursos y las conexiones que tenemos a través de estos increíbles programas y organizaciones. Hemos formado grandes amistades y conocido personas increíbles durante este tiempo.
Gracias por darle tantas alegrías a nuestra familia. ¡Esperamos deseosos el próximo evento!
What are RCPs?
Regional Consultation Programs

A small number of infants and toddlers enrolled in each of the Commonwealth's Early Intervention Programs demonstrate complex and extensive developmental and medical/health needs. Regional Consultation Programs (RCPs), across the state, provide enhanced services to these children and their families. RCPs in Massachusetts: Thom Boston RCP; RCP: Professional Center for Child Development; RCP: Criterion Child Enrichment; Thom Western RCP; RCP: South Shore Mental Health; RCP: Meeting Street. (Learn more about Regional Consultation Programs at www.eiplp.org/regional-consultation-programs/ )
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The Bureau of Family Health & Nutrition at DPH is home not only to the Part C - Early Intervention Program, but also to a program found in all fifty states, the Division for Children & Youth with Special Health Needs (DCYSHN). Funded by the federal Maternal & Child Health Bureau, the Division provides support to children and youth with special health needs, birth to 22 and their families as well as, providers, community and health care organizations and others.
The Community Support Line at DPH serves as the "gateway" to the DCYSHN Program.  This toll-free statewide line offers information, technical assistance, and referrals to families whose children have special health care needs and their providers.  Experienced Community Resource Specialists are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and can respond to callers in multiple languages.  Resource Specialists assess family's needs and provide information about all of the Division programs; public benefits and eligibility, care coordination services, family-to-family supports, financial resources, care within a medical home, health transition for youth and community-based, state and national resources.
For help and to learn more about the Department of Public Health's DCYSHN Program contact the Community Support Line at:
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