Hot Fun in the Summertime
Keep Your Cool with Seasonal Resources
Summer means thinking about how to work safely in all kinds of conditions as sites may be affected by extreme heat, poor air quality from forest fires, storms, bugs or other factors.

CCOHS provides a great infographic on Working in the Heat with ways to protect workers from heat stress disorders.

WorkSafe outlines Heat Stress Disorders and recommends cooling measures such as:
  • Rest breaks
  • Adequate supplies of drinking water
  • Training workers to recognize heat disorders

Sun exposure also presents risks. This video on Sun Safety at Work says those who work outdoors are up to 3.5x more likely to develop skin cancer than indoor workers.

Need a Tool Box Talk? Find these and more on our website:
Instructor Led Training
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Train with our experienced instructors to ensure you and your team get home safe to enjoy the best of what summer has to offer. Book your spot for online or classroom training:

June 7&8, 14&15 - Leadership for Safety Excellence
June 9 - Aerial Work Platform Safety Awareness
June 12, 27 - WHMIS 2015 Train the Trainer
June 12&13 - Basic Training Techniques
June 14, 21, 27 - Fall Protection & Prevention
June 21&22 - Safety Auditor Training
June 20 - Confined Space Monitoring & Entry
June 22 - Effective Claims Management
June 26 - Contractor Training
June 28 - Safety Administration
June 28&29 - Leadership for Safety Excellence
June 29 - Safety Management

June 13 - Fall Protection & Prevention Training
June 15 - Occupational Health Committee Level 1
June 22 - NEW General Scaffold Safety Training
June 23 - Confined Space Monitoring & Entry Proficiency VR
June 26&27 - Leadership for Safety Excellence
June 28 - Fall Protection & Prevention

June 7 - Fall Protection & Prevention
June 14&15 - Safety Auditor Training
June 16 - Confined Space Monitoring & Entry Proficiency VR
June 20 - Fall Protection & Prevention
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Need help? Our members in residential, commercial & industrial, and construction trades can access trained safety professionals at no cost. Book an advisor for:
  • Safety program development
  • Safety meetings & tool box talks
  • Safety demonstrations
  • Site inspections/hazard assessments
  • Training course recommendations
  • Pre-audit checks for COR/SECOR

In short, they know their stuff. Make sure your crew knows it too.
Our thanks to the 600 people who participated in the latest survey. Companies can view their results in SCSA Analytics - contact an advisor for access. Industry results are on our website.
Take the opportunity to learn more about the unique cultures, experiences and traditions of Indigenous people in Canada this month. Learning resources are available online to explore a wide range of topics.
Check out Radon Gas and this Guide for Radon Measurement in residential dwellings.
One is the loneliest number. Find out How Workplaces Can Address the Loneliness Crisis.

Gimme one reason. . . We'll do 7 better, here are 8 good reasons for a career in construction.

Four key stats and 10 tips to attract millennials and Gen Z workers to the construction industry.
Plus 4 ways to draw more women into construction careers. Now that you've addressed labour shortages, empower them with Tech.

Not the wisest idea but betcha don't know these facts - explaining concrete while getting buried in it.

CAN YOU HEAR THIS? Prevent noise-induced hearing loss with this infographic.
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