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approac hing new year marks Taiyo America Inc.'s 30th year!  We thank you for your continued business, support and loyalty and look forward to bringing 
you Unmatched Innovation for many years to come!

Covering the World...............Summer is over, so what's hot at Taiyo America

In Northern Nevada the hot summer nights are coming to a close and I will definitely miss the longer daylight hours and swimming after work. Now I get to look forward to raking up all the colored leaves, hopefully I'll get lucky with some of those Northern Nevada winds and they will blow the leaves into the neighbor's yards. In any case, with the changing season it's a noteworthy time to look at what is going on with Taiyo products!

As I have mentioned in several issues, Inkjet solder mask is finally here. See Bob's article further down in the newsletter for more details on just how it works. To summarize Inkjet solder mask; our IJSR-4000 JM Series has a UL listing of 94V-0, passes all IPC-SM840E testing and passes the NASA outgassing requirements; it has everything you need to get started. We have installed the product in both North America and Europe with excellent results. Inkjet solder mask eliminates some of the most significant yield issues that we see in PCB manufacturing, most notably; mask on pads and mask in holes. The assemblers and OEM's will be thrilled with this additive process.

Inkjet application

Another digital solution is our DI solder mask lineup. We worked closely with DI equipment suppliers and UL to modify our tried and true PSR-4000 BN, MP and HFX inks into DI versions. The transition for PCB manufacturers has gone well, assisted by the support of the equipment manufacturers. We are still looking for methods to make our DI products expose even faster while remaining under our UL listing.

The market for white reflective solder mask has seen steady growth as the lighting industry continues to morph to LEDs. The LED market for solder mask has two distinct markets; one is general lighting and the other automotive applications. In a recent newsletter I talked about our crack resistant white solder mask, PSR-4000 CR01MW which has received a lot of feedback. We are eager to see this product expand into the market place and resolve the issue of cracking white solder mask.

Talking about cracking and the automotive industry, Taiyo America's lab is working on some unique technology that should be hitting the market relatively soon. We are currently designing a harsh environment solder mask that can withstand 200°C for 2000 hours. Early test results confirm our desire to reach 200°C, now it's a matter of time of gathering all the IPC data, thermal cycle data, etc. Along the same lines, our lab has also designed a thermal conductive product that dissipates heat at just over 10 W/mK. This is a significant improvement over some of the products available that are only between 2-5 W/mK.

Lastly, I'd like to talk about flexible solder mask. We continue to see a rise in this area as technology changes to be smaller and thinner. We released an LDI product, PSR-9000 FLX03G LDI, that is Taiyo's first offering of a flex product with a UL VTM-0 rating. If you are in the need of an LDI flex covercoat/solder mask let us know, or if you happen to be in Berlin next month check out TYA's own Senior Chemist, Lisa Kennedy, as she presents how she designed this product for the flex PCB market, at the FED & EIPC Technical Snapshot Berlin Oktober 2019. 

SEM Photo: PSR-9000 FLX03G LDI

I could probably go on and on, but I will leave you with this update. Please feel free to contact me or any of your Taiyo resources to learn more. We are eager to help you grow your business and we ask you for your support in learning more about your PCB needs!
John T. Fix
Manager & Director, Sales and Marketing

Inkjet Solder Mask is Worth a Closer Look
Through the years there have been many changes to the application and processing methods used for solder mask.  Only a few of these would I consider to be real game changers.    Read more...

                                     IJSR-4000 Series
Bob MacRae                                                                                                                                                                                              
Eastern Regional Sales Manager                                                                                                                                                                 

MCA Golf Outing

The MCA golf outing came and went this year. It was well attended, but I'm hoping that next year there will be even more participation. The weather was fantastic, and the enthusiasm was higher than a kite flying on a windy day. As always, the golf course was in great shape and every four-man team (including my own) had visions of first place trophy's dancing in their heads.   Continue reading...

Donald Monn, Nick Nagan & Steve Billiet

Donnie Monn
Midwest Regional Sales Manager
Talking with Aurora Circuits' Engineering Manager John Holmquest
I really like talking to companies that can claim to be a part of the American PCB industry. It's always good to remember those on whose shoulders today's industry stands. Aurora Circuits of Aurora, Illinois is one of those companies. Part of the Kalmus Group which has been in our industry since 1955, Aurora Circuits is still owned by Chris Kalmus the son of the original founder of the Kalmus Group.   More...

To learn more about Aurora Circuits  go to:  www.auroracircuits.com

For more information about Dan Beaulieu's DB Management Group:     https://www.dbmanagementgroup.com/

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