COVID-19 Vaccinations at Healing Hands
Healing Hands is an official vaccination site and will be giving the vaccine at both our Greenville Avenue location and the Northwest Community Center in the Vickery Meadow area. We have successfully administered the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to 300 people and plan to do so weekly based on the supply we are given.
Our staff is working diligently to get through our long list of registrants, but we ask for your patience as we have no control over the quantity and timing of shipments of the vaccine. However, our registration is still open. Click the button below to register for your vaccination online if you classify as 1A or 1B.
Mobile Food Pantry
In partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Community Network, Healing Hands Ministries will be having a Mobile Food Pantry twice a month for those who are food insecure. This mobile food pantry will provide much needed support to our patients who may not have the ability to purchase or who lack the access to nutritious food and ingredients.
This innovative mobile food pantry will take place every second Tuesday at our Vickery location and every fourth Thursday at our Greenville location from 1:30-3:00pm starting on March 9th. Thank you to Blue Cross Blue Shield for giving us this opportunity to meet our patients' needs.
Board Member Spotlight
Steve Harris
Steve Harris, a local Lake Highlands community member, is the Chair of our Board Development Committee and very involved at Healing Hands Ministries. Pictured here is Steve, his wife Kristen and son. Last year, Steve recruited volunteers from Holmes Murphy to renovate and redecorate our Behavioral Health Center to be a welcoming, warm place for all of our patients. Click the link to see the video of the beautiful transformation of our Behavioral Health Clinic thanks to Steve and his leadership.
Kristen, Drew, and Steve Harris
Staff Spotlight
Sharon Worthy has worked at Healing Hands Ministries since 2018 and has been the organizational backbone ever since. However, Sharon was a volunteer long before she became an employee. She began volunteering in the very beginning when Healing Hands just opened volunteering and assisting in various administrative roles, transitioning HHM from a small clinic to a full patient-centered medical center. Today, Sharon provides our administrative staff with organization and support for our day to day processes to function smoothly. Although most of her work is done behind the scenes, Sharon plays a major role and we thank her for her dedication and service to providing access to quality healthcare for those in need.
Health Center Spotlight
Behavioral Health
We offer specialized behavioral health services to both insured and uninsured children and adults, and it is now more affordable than ever with our sliding-fee scale! If you or a loved one struggle with addiction to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc, or are suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental and behavioral problems, our counselors can help.
Call 214-221-0855 ext 303
47,000+ Patient Visits Annually
Services include Medical, Dental, Vision, Nutrition and Behavioral Health
68 Languages Spoken By Patients
Recognized as a Federally Qualified Health Center